People are freezing Kinder Buenos on TikTok and you’ve got to try it

People are freezing Kinder Buenos on TikTok and you’ve got to try it


From the whipped iced coffee to the iconic one tray feta pasta, TikTok has gifted us with many a culinary sensation.

But none has got our attention quite like frozen Kinder Bueno.

And even the worst chefs among us can give this one a go. All you need is a Kinder Bueno and your freezer. Yep, that’s it.

Pop the bar in your freezer for a few hours and hey presto, a delicious sweet treat.

TikTok users have gone wild for the frozen chocolatey goodness, with videos of the mouth-watering treat reaching more than a million views.

One user commented that she was ‘running’ to go and try the hack, while another added, ‘I’ve been doing this for years, literally the only way to eat it.’

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And now, fans of the viral recipe have been suggesting other sweet treats to freeze – from Snickers to Bakewell tarts, and of course, the white chocolate Kinder Bueno.

A firm favourite appears to be the Cadbury’s mini roll, apparently even better when frozen.

And if waiting for your Kinder Bueno bar to freeze is just a little too much effort for you, Kinder do have their very own range of ice creams on offer. Their ice cream cones can be picked up for £3.50 at Asda for a box of four.

Excuse us while we stock up on Kinder Buenos and head to the kitchen.

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