Mum’s ‘bacon recipe makes everyone happy’

Mum’s ‘bacon recipe makes everyone happy’


A US mum has demonstrated how she makes a “secret bacon recipe” that her family absolutely adores. The delicious-looking bite-size treat is sweet, crunchy and chewy.

Erica Kuiper is a New Yorker, who moved to North Carolina with her family. The passionate cooking fan has a huge 1.9M followers on her TikTok account @cookiterica. 

The mum posted her “secret bacon recipe” and told her fans: “This technique makes everyone happy! It’s crunchy and chewy.” The hack has had a huge 65.8K views on the app.

She has appeared on the Food Network and has 55.9K subscribers to her YouTube account @cookiterica.  All you need is thick-cut bacon rashers, Dijon mustard, and brown sugar. Erin said: “I’m going to show you my bacon hack because it makes everyone very happy. Get thick bacon, roll it up, just like that.”

She said: “Cook at 400F until it looks and sounds like this.” The little parcel of bacon is deep brown and makes a crispy sound when tapped with a nail. Erica puts the bacon roll-ups in the oven for 15 minutes in total, flipping halfway.


@cookiterica My 3 ingredient bacon bombs are perfect for the #superbowl This technique will blow your mind! Get crispy and chewy bacon in just 1 bite! #bacon #baconbombs #lifehack ♬ original sound – COOK IT ERICA

Erin said: “You can put this on your Blackstone, you can put it in a pan. Put some Dijon mustard on both sides and sprinkle some brown sugar.

“And on low heat caramelize just a couple of minutes on each side. It’s gonna get candied on the outside. It’s going to be chewy on the inside.”

The cook’s wife tried the tasty treat and said: “Gordon Ramsey who?” The whole family smiled in agreement, trying the yummy, meaty snack.

Erica’s fans left some suggestions in the comments, with a few suggesting a tasty way to spice up the treat. Pilly wrote: “Add some cayenne pepper to the brown sugar.”

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Kayleigh said: “Put some cayenne pepper in the brown sugar if you like a little spice it’s 10/10.”

One user, Hortonshue, had a seafood-inspired suggestion and said: “This but we put crab inside.”

Paula Elliott wrote: “Bacon nuggets?!!!!!! Literally bacon nuggets?!!!!!!”

Another online mum shared her simple hack to cook bacon in the microwave. Mayra Wendolyne is a viral TikTok cook who describes herself as a “low carb and keto recipe developer and mama.”

Mayra layers her bacon rasher between two kitchen paper towels in the microwave. She said: “Place four [bacon] strips on a paper towel, cover, and microwave for three minutes.” 

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