McDonald's launches mini outlets for people wanting lunch on-the-go

McDonald's launches mini outlets for people wanting lunch on-the-go


McDonald’s is launching new mini outlets with a reduced menu to serve meals faster, with the first open on Fleet Street in London.

The outlets have been opened to help out those who don’t have long for lunch, or who need to grab lunch super quickly so that they can get back to their desks.

Due to the focus on takeaways, the outlets have no in-store seating.

It’s almost like grabbing a quick sandwich, except you get to treat yourself to fast food.

Don’t worry about queues, either – as you’ll have to order your food using a touchscreen, with a limited selection of menu favourites on offer, including Big Macs, McNuggets and wraps, all of which staff will have ready at peak times.

The new outlet is being trialled on Fleet Street before rolling out to other areas.

Henry Trickey, head of IT for McDonald’s, said: ‘Changing tastes, new technology and more competition mean we need to continue to innovate.

‘We know that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and that’s exactly why we are launching McDonald’s to Go.

‘We want to trial different formats in different locations, depending on customer needs.’

Honestly, we think it’s a great idea – it’s so often people find themselves (unfortunately) too busy for lunch, and have to grab something less substantial to eat at their desks.

And while McDonald’s might not be the healthiest of options (unless you go for a grilled chicken wrap, of course), it’s a great idea for those who want to avoid long queues and need to head back to the office ASAP.

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