Martha Stewart's Stunning Cranberry Lemon Pie Will Steal the Spotlight This Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart's Stunning Cranberry Lemon Pie Will Steal the Spotlight This Thanksgiving


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There are some Thanksgiving traditions that you really can’t skip, like turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. But others can be a little bit more contentious. Pecan pie, or pumpkin, for instance? After eating a big, rich meal full of heavy starchy ingredients, sometimes you crave something a little brighter and more exciting at the end of a meal. Martha Stewart knows what’s up. If you’re trying to decide which pies to make for Thanksgiving this year, why not try her non-traditional, but still deliciously seasonal, lemon cranberry meringue pie?

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Stewart shared a picture of the pie on Instagram. It features a golden-brown crust, a layer of smooth lemon curd, a thin layer of sweet-tart cranberry gelee, and a mound of billowing toasted meringue (time to break out the cream of tartar!).

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There are a few different steps to the recipe, but none of it is too technique-heavy, and it’s Thanksgiving after all. We also love that the cranberry gelee relies on cornstarch, rather than gelatin, which eliminates a few other steps.

It’s also the perfect chance to use your culinary blow torch. If you don’t have one, you can also just put the pie under a broiler for a minute or two (keep a very close eye on it) to toast the meringue, but we take any chance we can get to use a blow torch.

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It can be scary to switch things up on such a traditional holiday, but you and your guests may be pleasantly surprised at what a relief it is to bite into something tangy and tart at the end of your feasting. And considering the fact that Martha Stewart literally wrote the book on pie, we trust her judgement on this one.

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