KFC Restaurant Explodes from Suspected Gas Leak After Workers Smelled Fumes

KFC Restaurant Explodes from Suspected Gas Leak After Workers Smelled Fumes


A KFC was destroyed early Thursday morning after a suspected gas leak caused an explosion at the Eden, North Carolina location.

The explosion occurred around 12:30 am on Thursday, according to WGHP Fox 8. Police told the outlet that no injuries occurred as a result.

“We’ve actually searched the building and no one is inside the building which is great,” Eden Police Chief Greg Light told Fox 8.

Police said employees smelled gas shortly before closing the fast food chain. The manager tried turning the gas nozzle off, and then called the gas company, according to Fox 8. Another employee recalled watching the explosion occur from outside after workers had left and they had gone to purchase a drink and cigarettes. Chief Light added to Fox 8 that he felt the blast from two miles away.

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In a video posted to the Rockingham Update Facebook page, the restaurant appears to be left in ruins. Fox 8 reported that all neighboring buildings were also damaged.

Police could not confirm the exact cause of the explosion, but the local gas company will reportedly be investigating further once the building remains are cleared.

A representative for KFC could not immediately be reached by PEOPLE, but told Fox 8 in a statement, “We are devastated by this incident, but most importantly we are grateful that all of our restaurant team members are safe and no one was injured. We would like to thank the Eden police and fire crews, for their response and continued support. We are cooperating directly with the investigating agencies as they work to determine the cause.”

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