Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey is under £20 on Amazon

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey is under £20 on Amazon


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Christmas is only a few weeks away and now is the perfect time to start your gift shopping. If you’re struggling to find a gift for a whiskey lover, you’re in luck as Amazon has the perfect offer.

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey, 70cl

£36 £19.99 View Deal

Gift a loved one or treat yourself to a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey. Smooth, it’s the world’s only double mellowed whiskey and is now £20 from £36.

With over 18,000 reviews, Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack whiskey is one of Amazon’s most popular beverages and gifts.

Just in time for Christmas, it’s discounted to just £19.99 from £36, making it cheaper than UK supermarkets like Tesco, which sells it for £35.

A perfect boozy gift, it’s the world’s only double mellowed whiskey and has been praised by shoppers for being ‘incredibly smooth’ to drink.

But you’ll need to be quick – the deal ends on December 22, 2022.

The whiskey is balanced and is unique due to the fact that hit undergoes a second charcoal mellowing for a smoother taste, and some shoppers prefer to drink it neat than mixed with Coca Cola.

Fans of the original Old No 7 whiskey will enjoy this beverage and if you’d like to add a bit of fizz to it, mix its with soda or sparkling water.

Make sure to order it as soon as possible to avoid any delivery delays near the festive time.

BUY: Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey (£19.99)

Amazon shoppers love gifting the whiskey and praise its wonderful flavours.

Jake commented: “This Jack is incredibly smooth to drink and very easy to sip on. It It smells incredible and the flavour hits your taste buds immediately, giving you a taste of every aroma in there.”

FrankMc agreed: “It is a very smooth, easy-drinking, whisky with lovely caramel tones, and it’s all too easy to sip, and sip, and sip, and find that you’ve just done four doubles!”

Susan Warner added: “Smooth taste and well worth the money.”

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