Ina Garten Jokes About Sexting Her Husband Jeffrey While Making Cosmos with Katie Couric

Ina Garten Jokes About Sexting Her Husband Jeffrey While Making Cosmos with Katie Couric


Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey know how to keep their romance alive!

The chef and cookbook author, 72, revealed how she and her husband Jeffrey send loving texts to each other while making cocktails with Katie Couric on Instagram Live over the weekend. But sometimes, it doesn't go as planned. "One time he sent me a text, but unfortunately it went to some woman in California," Garten joked.

"I hope it wasn't a sext!" Couric laughed. "It wasn't a sext, but it was close," Garten said before explaining that Jeffrey immediately realized his mistake and apologized, but she thinks the woman was a little jealous.

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"She showed the text to her husband and said, 'Look at the texts Jeffrey says to his wife,' and he goes, 'Oh, no one sends those texts to their wives. That was for his girlfriend but he was embarrassed to tell you that,'" Garten jokingly explained.

Couric and Garten made Pomegranate Cosmos together while answering fan questions on Couric's Instagram Live series "Happy-ish Hour." After the hilarious text story, they talked about a range of topics from holiday cooking tips to Taylor Swift's new album Evermore — which Garten loves.

Taylor Swift Pens Touching Ode to Ina Garten in TIME's 100 Most Influential People in the World

"I'm a major Taylor Swift fan!" Garten said. "Isn't she unbelievable? She's so, so smart." The Barefoot Contessa star regards Swift as a wonderful role model, not just for young girls but for women of all ages, and recalled one piece of advice that she said during one of her concerts years ago.

"She said, 'We're all upset about what's said about us on the internet, but the truth is what we tell ourselves about ourselves is so much worse.' And I thought 'wow.' I'm not a teenage girl but I really got it. It was such a smart thing to say," Garten explained.

Swift is also a huge fan of Garten. In 2014, the two spent an afternoon cooking some of Swift’s all-time favorite recipes for Food Network Magazine. Then, for the 2015 issue of the TIME 100, which features the 100 most influential people in the world, Swift wrote the entry on Garten, who was named an “icon.”

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