How to make three-ingredient Nutella brownies without flour, eggs or butter

How to make three-ingredient Nutella brownies without flour, eggs or butter


Baking was a popular hobby during lockdown and with everyone facing more restrictions again, it’s a great time to get back in the kitchen.

For new bakers looking for something quick and simple to whip up, low ingredient recipes are perfect.

Andrea Soranidis, aka The Petite Cook, has revealed a recipe for delicious rich, fudgy brownies, made with just three things, in six steps.

You don’t need any flour, butter, milk or eggs – just bananas, Nutella (or any chocolate spread) and cocoa powder. If you use a vegan spread instead of Nutella, the recipe is completely plant-based.

It’s a great way to use up leftover bananas if you’re sick of banana bread after the first lockdown.

On her blog, Andrea explains: ‘I’m trying to avoid trips to the supermarket as much as possible, so I’m using most of my basic pantry items (such as flour, milk, butter, and eggs) for my cooking rather than baking.

‘This means I’ve been making uncomplicated and super easy desserts lately, using the least ingredients possible. And these fudgy brownies definitely fits the bill.’

To make the brownies, you just need to mash up the bananas, add the Nutella and the cocoa powder, pour into a lined tin and bake.

If you want to add a little something extra, Andrea suggests putting some nuts, chocolate chips or freeze-dried fruit in once the batter is ready, before you bake.

Once cooked, it’s important to leave the brownies to cool completely so they set. They might seem liquidy when you take them out of the oven but will firm up.

You can then slice the tray into nine squares and enjoy the gooey texture.

To get the full recipe, check out The Petite Cook.

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