How to make the KFC Hunter's fried chicken toastie

How to make the KFC Hunter's fried chicken toastie


Are you feeling a tad rough this morning from a wild bank holiday weekend at home?

Not to worry, the Colonel has just released the ultimate sandwich recipe and how-to video, so that you can make yourself a hangover snack stuffed with fried chicken.

(Which, let’s be honest, is the best kind of sandwich).

The KFC spin on a Hunter’s sandwich is super easy to make and requires basic ingredients that most of us have at home.

You will need:

  • Butter
  • Bread
  • Bacon
  • Cheese (your choice on what kind, but slices would be easiest)
  • BBQ sauce

And, of course, KFC’s Original Recipe Mini Fillets , which you can order online and get dropped off at your door.

If you don’t live near a KFC or fancy making your own version of the Colonel’s dish at home, like many people did during lockdown while the fast food chain was closed, that works too.

Then, assemble your toastie.

Start off with a slice of bread, top with crispy back bacon (streaky bacon works just as well, if you prefer that)

Then, add your fried chicken, four slices of cheese and top with BBC sauce.

Put on the other piece of bread on top and voilà, you’re done (we told you it was easy).

Here’s a top tip to make your toastie extra crisp: grab the butter and slather it onto the outer side of the bread before you pop it in the toaster.

You can also make this mouth-watering poultry gem in a frying pan, but don’t forget to push it together so the cheese melts properly (you can use a wide cup or a plate to press on top).

Does this sound like too much to handle in your current delicate state?

It’s OK, we understand – you can also skip the whole thing and just order a KFC meal, now that the chain has opened 500 stores across the UK.

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