How to get Christmas shopping delivered if you can't get a supermarket slot

How to get Christmas shopping delivered if you can't get a supermarket slot


The big day is so close we can almost taste it – so this week will be packed full of people doing their Christmas grocery shop.

And if you haven’t already booked a supermarket delivery slot, it’s safe to say that you’ll probably struggle to get one now.

In fact, many of them were snapped up weeks ago.

If you’re cautious of heading to the supermarket with the new Omicron variant surging, there are a few ways you can get your shopping delivered without a supermarket slot.

So, fear not, Christmas shopping can still happen – you just might need to get a little creative.

Here are some ideas to try:

Do it via Deliveroo

Many local supermarkets are now available on Deliveroo, so you don’t have to worry about getting a delivery slot.

Simply add the items you want to your basket on the delivery platform and they’ll be packed up and brought to your door – usually within 40 minutes. 

If something is out of stock somewhere one day, try again the next day – or browse other supermarkets on Deliveroo.

Ask someone to do it on TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people with others willing to help with cleaning, home repairs, running errands and more – in return for payment. 

So if you can’t get to the shops before Christmas, why not see if anyone else is willing to do it for you.

According to the platform, the average price for a shopping project costs £13-£42 – and of course you’ll need to pay for the groceries, too.

Ask a friend with a slot to add your groceries

It’s likely someone in your family or a friend may have bagged a delivery slot in advance, so you could always ask if they could add your shopping to theirs and transfer them money for it.

Then you simply need to go and collect it from their house once it’s delivered – or you could offer to pay a small delivery fee if they can drop it to yours.

Try alternative grocery delivery services

The star players of the grocery world (Aldi, Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco and more) aren’t the only retailers that deliver food.

There are a number of other smaller food delivery services as well, such as Gorillas and Bother. 

It’s worth having a look to see if any local businesses in your area are doing delivery drops, too.

See if anyone you know has a Click and Collect slot

As well as delivery slots, supermarkets also offer Click and Collect bookings.

So if you know anyone who has a Click and Collect slot you could ask if they could add your groceries to their order.

Alternatively, there might be some that pop up this week following cancellations, so it’s worth continuing to check if you have a car and are able to get there for a pick-up.

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