Dishes to suit every season

Dishes to suit every season


The Chinese believe that the food we eat contributes to our health and general well-being. So, as the weather changes, what we eat should be adjusted accordingly.

Which is why Feng Shui Inn at Resorts World Sentosa has come up with its 4 Seasons Wellness Menus, with dishes targeted at providing the body with the nourishment it needs for different weather conditions. It is currently offering its Spring and Summer Menu until May 31.

Even though tropical Singapore does not have the four seasons of temperate regions, its climate does undergo seasonal changes.

The weather has been getting hotter over the past weeks and the menu is designed to beat the heat.

There are two sections: Spring and Summer. Dishes under Spring set the right tone for the season by boosting one’s immunity, focusing on the liver.

Soups are good because of their nourishing qualities and the Double-boiled Chinese Ginseng And Peach Gum With Pork Rib Soup ($48) is a good example.

The ginseng invigorates vitality, while peach gum is nutritious and good for the complexion, making this a tonic that many will appreciate.

Another soup, Double-boiled Snow Pear, Wolfberry With Wild Bamboo Piths ($42), soothes the lungs. Wolfberries are also known in traditional Chinese medicine for promoting healthy eyes.

Stir-fried Wild Fresh “Huaishan” With Spring Bamboo Shoots In Vintage Vinegar ($26) is another health booster that is packed with goodness and fibre. The crisp bamboo shoots contrast well with the softer huaishan, a root vegetable also called Chinese yam. The vinegar gives the flavours a lift and helps to awaken the appetite.

Summer dishes, meanwhile, are designed to boost the heart and encourage better sleep and digestion.

The menu also features fresh fruit in a number of dishes to cool the body as the weather gets hotter.

There is a dish of Stir-fried Prawn With Fresh Orange Juice ($38), for example, which is rather unusual with its savoury, sweet and sour flavours. It is delicious, though, and the crunchy prawns come with pieces of orange with the membranes carefully removed, as well as blackberries and raspberries. So you can expect a healthy boost of vitamin C too.

The same can be said of the Assorted Fresh Fruits Salad With Bird’s Nest ($88). The appetising cold dish – comprising pieces of dragonfruit, rock melon and strawberry, as well as some walnuts – is not only refreshing, but bird’s nest is also known for its healing qualities.

Toss everything together as you would a yusheng dish, says the chef, and you get to taste different fruit with each bite.

Stir-fried Asparagus With Capsicum And Black Fungus ($26) is a simple dish which I like for the crisp textures of the various ingredients. Black fungus is also believed to be a good antioxidant that helps to boost immunity.

There are many more dishes to select from both menus.

When the temperatures start to drop towards the end of the year, the Autumn and Winter Menus will be rolled out.

The weather turns dry during the autumn months and the chef has planned a set of dishes that nourish the lungs.

Then, when it turns cold and wet in winter, it is all about strengthening the kidneys and raising one’s vitality and bodily functions.

So keep a lookout for the new dishes.

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