Costs 99p! Easy way to make your own butter in less than 10 minutes – just one ingredient

Costs 99p! Easy way to make your own butter in less than 10 minutes – just one ingredient


TikToker shows how to make butter with just double cream

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Butter is making headlines as it has become one of the most expensive items in a shopping basket. While food prices have been steadily increasing for months now, one brand of butter is currently being sold for over £9 in some supermarkets. Emily May, aka @SassBakes on TikTok revealed how you can make your own butter, at home, for just 99p. 

Emily, who founded Sass Bakes bakery in 2019, shared her video and step-by-step guide with 

The social media content creator shared her butter recipe only a few days ago, and it has already been watched by 1.4 million people and rising. 

In the clip, Emily explains: “Fed up with the price of butter? Then learn how to turn this (double cream) into this (butter) using only this (protein bottle).” 

The whole process from start to finish takes about 10 minutes, and costs just 99p if you buy the cheapest cream. 

“Take your carton of cream, this was a 99p carton from Lidl,” she said. 

“It’s double cream, pop it into your protein shaker [without the metal ball]. 

“You can use a glass jar, or you can use a bottle, as long it’s got a wide neck,” she suggests. 

“Make sure your lid is screwed on tightly and give it a shake. 

“You need to keep shaking it, you will start to feel the cream is thickening. 

“Keep going, you’ve got to keep going, past the thickness.” 

The video speeds up and shows Emily constantly shaking the bottle of cream, she adds: “You’ll start to think your arms will fall off, and you’ll also start to think it can’t get any thicker – it can, I promise you, keep going. 

“It will start to curdle, once it starts to curdle you’re nearly there, keep going, keep shaking.

“As it curdles, it will start to get a bit sloppier, a bit juicy. 

“You’ll start to hear a water sound inside the bottle, at that point, take the lid off and have a look.” 

Emily took the lid off the bottle and showed the camera what was inside: “In there, that is your butter,” she said referencing the big lump at the bottom. 

“That juicy stuff there, that is buttermilk – you can keep that, save that for pancakes or a cake at a later date.” 

She then poured the buttermilk out into another container, before removing the lump of butter. 

“You can add salt to it if you want salted butter, I like some crunchy granules of salt in mine, so I use sea salt,” Emily added. 

As for what happens next, she explained: “All you have to do is squeeze out the juice [buttermilk]. 

“You’re going to have to rinse it under the tap. 

“If you’ve got a muslin put it in a muslin cloth, and squeeze under the tap. 

“Rinse it a few times, rinse and squeeze, rinse and squeeze until the water is running clear.” 

Emily then revealed a square of butter on a dish she had made earlier to show the finished result: “That’s your butter!” 

As for where the cheapest tub of double cream can be purchased from, to make the cheapest butter, researched the most popular supermarkets. 

Lidl Fresh Double Cream 300ml – 99p 

Tesco Creamfields Fresh Double Cream 300ml – 99p

Sainsbury’s Fresh Double Cream 300ml – £1.05 

Aldi Fresh Double Cream 300ml – £1.05 

Asda Fresh Double Cream 300ml – £1.25 

Note: Water consumption is not taken into overall cost of making the butter. 

Sass Bakes, established 2019, is a small home bakery based in a tiny village in West Sussex. They have a range of postal bakes, subscription boxes and collection only items. All of the products are baked by hand in small batches in their five-star Food Hygeine rated kitchen. Visit for more information. 

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