Costa is serving Coca-Cola coffees and, yes, we’re confused too

Costa is serving Coca-Cola coffees and, yes, we’re confused too


Our coffee obsession has led to a number of weird and wonderful caffeine creations in recent years.

We’ve had the diabetes-in-a-cup Dalgona coffee. The Ruby Cocpa hot chocolate. The Pumpkin Birthday Cake latte.

But nothing sounds quite as bonkers as Costa’s new Coca-Cola-flavoured offering.

The coffee chain launched a range of cola-themed hot beverages last month in China, as part of a new summer menu. Cold brews, lattes and cappuccinos all feature… Coca-Cola.

A Costa spokesperson told Tyla that the crisp taste of Coke ‘complements the smooth mellow coffee flavours’ and that, when served over ice, their tangy cold brew is a ‘truly refreshing summer drink’.

Hmmm. Does that mean the coffee has a slight fizz to it? Does anyone really want to drink milk-based beverages with a fizzy, tangy aftertaste or is that just going to remind them of rotten milk? So many questions.

Maybe the collab shouldn’t come as a massive surprise, given that the Coca-Cola company bought Costa back in 2018 for £3.9 billion. It was probably only a matter of time before the powers that be decided to merge two great titans of the drinks industry to create something… different.

At the moment, the Coca-cola range is still only available in China and there’s been no confirmation as to whether it’ll be crossing continents any time soon but don’t be surprised if you’re confronted by a Coke cappuccino in the near future.

We’re battling associating Coca-Cola cold brew with milk Coke, but would you try this beverage innovation?

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