'Cake Boss' star Buddy Valastro reveals the one famous person he'd love to bake for

'Cake Boss' star Buddy Valastro reveals the one famous person he'd love to bake for


‘Cake Boss’ star Buddy Valastro talks new season

Expert baker and ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro says cakes this year are more elaborate than ever.

"Cake Boss" star Buddy Valastro can't believe his show is entering into its 10th year on TV. Despite his long run, the chef is far from finished accomplishing his dreams.

The TLC reality show about a local baker and his staff/family exploded onto the scene in April 2009, and there's no stopping him and his loyal team now. "It's really a dream come true… like pinch me," he told Fox News.

The show now airs in 225 countries and territories around the world and has been dubbed in 45 languages. "I'm so humbled by it," Valastro added. (Actually, the same voice actor who does Spongebob Squarepants in Brazil dubs Valastro — so he's a pretty big deal down there.)

His dream is to open a Carlo's Bake Shop on every continent — except Antartica — in the next five years, and so far he's already hit two. There's one currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

While managing his empire, Valastro is still trying to keep up with the ever-creative, extreme cakes his customers demand. From using mechanics to make parts of his cakes move, to installing a working movie projector inside one of the bake shop's creations, his team is put to the test in every episode.

He's also never flat-out said no to making a cake — even if it seems impossible. Valastro said he would rather work with a customer to reimagine their request than say no. Although the cake might be a little off from his customers' initial idea, he says everyone still winds up happy — and with full bellies.

Valastro credits his mother, who passed away in 2017 from ALS, for his work ethic. "She was a true inspiration in my life. She was the strongest and most amazing woman. She taught me how to run a business and how to know that, in giving, we receive, and to always thank God and always try to put the right foot forward," he said.

The pro baker also shared his best baking tips for home bakers who struggle sometimes: He advises people buy thermometers, for keeping inside the oven to ensure the exact right temperature. He also urges bakers to bake on the middle rack of their ovens, and always allow the cake to cool down completely before frosting. But his number 1 rule is to be patient.

Valastro says he stills gets great joy from making cakes and pastries, but he's still hoping to create a Vatican cake for one of the holiest men in the world — the Pope — and he's looking for an introduction.

"Cake Boss" airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Family.

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