Burger King Japan Preps a Mysterious "Fake Burger"

Burger King Japan Preps a Mysterious "Fake Burger"


Burger King Japan is gearing up to release a mysterious “Fake Burger,” to be offered to the public for just 14 days, albeit the burger’s contents are being kept a secret.

Burger King Japan announced the burger with a poster that censors its gold-colored contents. An excerpt from the fast-food chain’s Japanese press release has shared the company’s enthusiasm for the special menu item: loosely translated, “[We] can’t tell you the details of the taste and contents yet, but once you eat it, you will definitely be addicted to its deliciousness.” Details about its taste remain confidential, but its price, ¥290 JPY (approximately $2.75 USD), which is ¥70 JPY cheaper than a whopper, suggests that the “Fake Burger” won’t include any premium meats or fancy condiments.

Burger King Japan’s “Fake Burger” will be available at the chain’s locations in Japan from October 23 for 14 days for ¥290 JPY (approximately $2.75 USD).

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