Bar serves up a full English pizza topped with bacon and baked beans

Bar serves up a full English pizza topped with bacon and baked beans


A full English breakfast is excellent.

So is pizza.

But together… we’re not so sure.

Anyone keen to try the combination themselves is in luck, though, as no longer shall they have to empty a frying pan on to an thin crust.

A bar in Benidorm, Spain, is doing the hard work for us by selling a snazzy new full English pizza.

As you’d expect, the pizza has all the essential toppings of a proper fry-up (apart from hash browns or toast, which is miserable). A standard margherita pizza is topped with two fried eggs, two rashers of bacon, two sausages, mushrooms, and a puddle of baked beans.

If you manage to eat the entire thing, you’ll have consumed your daily recommended calories for the day, as the pizza comes in at 2,600 calories.

Yes, it does look slightly horrifying, but imagine the good it would do you when you’re desperately hungover? It’s the perfect brunch option, we say.

Reactions have been mixed.

On the Good Times Bar & Grill’s TripAdvisor page, one customer described the pizza as ‘perfect for coming home in the early hours when you can’t decide whether it’s supper or breakfast time.’ Agreed.

Over on Facebook, someone wrote: ‘I’ll be in for one of them before a sesh.’

Sure, as long as you don’t mind a quick detour via Spain on the way to the pub.

If you do fancy trying a breakfast pizza without getting a plane ticket, the good news is that it’s really easy to create your own.

Just grab a pizza of your choosing (make your own! Get an oven-ready one! Order one in if you’re feeling really lazy), make a fry-up while your pizza’s heating up, then pile on your toppings.

As to what your toppings should be, that’s a whole other debate.

While Brits believe bacon is the most important part of a full English, we’d say that it’s eggs that separate a regular pizza from one made for breakfast.

We’d also add on hash browns (potato-based snacks on pizza are a wonderful thing) and perhaps a slice of toast for that extra carb hit, then drizzle ketchup on top.

Don’t worry, you can make your fry-up pizza veggie-friendly too. Swap the bacon and sausages for veggie sausages and you’re set. There are no hard rules when it comes to eating a food that’s clearly been dreamed up by someone nursing a pounding headache and lingering nausea.

Just don’t mention any of this to the Fry Up Police, okay?

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