Alcohol sales drop for the first time since the pandemic began: report

Alcohol sales drop for the first time since the pandemic began: report


Coronavirus lockdown: People are buying tons of alcohol

Alcohol sales has seen a marked increase recently amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s where different spirits now stand.

People apparently aren’t boozing it up in lockdown as much as they used to. 

Liquor sales soared across the country last year when the pandemic began and people began spending a whole lot more time at home. For the first time, however, alcohol sales are starting to drop.  

Alcohol sales have dropped nearly 2% according to recent numbers.

According to Nielsen data, liquor sales slumped nearly 2% two weeks ago, CBS Miami reports. In comparision, at this time last year, liquor stores were reporting sales that were, on average, 55% higher than usual. At the time, it was believed that people were stockpiling based on news of the pandemic.

When some booze-serving establishments started reopening last spring, demand continued to rise for alcohol delivery services.

During the lockdown, some existing trends saw accelerated growth. This reportedly included home cocktails, as customers ordered key ingredients for mixed drinks. Apparently, some people spent the time stuck in their houses learning how to make their favorite cocktails and even trying some new ones.


At the time, liquor delivery service Drizly said that sales of ingredients like vermouth and bitters significantly increased during the lockdown periods. During that time period, home delivery services still saw an increase in sales of about 400% from the previous year.

Since then, bars and restaurants have continued to limit the number of guests, rely on outdoor seating (which became even more limited during the colder months) or, in some cases, temporarily shut down once again.

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