12 Restaurants That Are Living In 3019 AD, And 12 That Are Living In 3019 BC

12 Restaurants That Are Living In 3019 AD, And 12 That Are Living In 3019 BC


1.The bathroom door in this restaurant has a “toepener” so guests and employees don’t recontaminate their hands after washing them:

2.Meanwhile, the quotation marks on this restaurant bathroom sign raise all sorts of health concerns:

3.The brownies for sale in this restaurant are color-coded based on if they’re cut from the corner, edge, or center of the pan:

4.And then there’s the clean plate at this restaurant that looks like it has brownie crumbs all over it:

5.The bathroom in this sushi restaurant has two soaps, an unscented one for before eating and a scented one for after:

6.But the sensor on the faucet in this restaurant bathroom makes it literally impossible to use:

7.The condiment caddies in this restaurant are specially engineered so that guests can ACTUALLY get ketchup out of the bottle:

8.These slanted glasses, on the other hand, are just begging to be knocked over:

9.The chairs in this restaurant have a special compartment where guests can safely store their belongings:

10.Meanwhile, these bunk booths are a lawsuit waiting to happen:

11.This restaurant has a breathalyzer station so guests who’ve had a drink can make sure they’re safe to drive:

12.Meanwhile, this restaurant has a sign that’s completely unintelligible, especially after a few drinks:

13.This ramen restaurant supplies hair ties to keep your long, flowing locks out of your bowl:

14.And speaking of bowls, there’s this restaurant’s ~wholly~ unnecessary design:

15.The menu at this restaurant has a built-in flashlight so you don’t have to use your phone or a candle to see the menu:

16.Meanwhile, this menu on a stick hurts to look at:

17.This restaurant figured out a way to let customers discreetly alert staff that the bathroom needs attention:

18.And this restaurant bathroom looks like it definitely needs attention:

19.This hourglass lets diners know when their food should arrive:

20.And this restaurant gives you a welcome sign to decipher while you wait:

21.This restaurant gives guests an egg-cellent way of getting their waiter’s attention:

22.And this attention-grabbing sign is alarming, to say the least:

23.This Chinese restaurant tells guests how many people order different spice levels:

24.And finally, this menu, which comes rolled up inside a pen, is the exact opposite of helpful:

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