You're using rosemary oil wrong for hair growth – you need a 'carrier' or try my other tips for fuller locks | The Sun

You're using rosemary oil wrong for hair growth – you need a 'carrier' or try my other tips for fuller locks | The Sun


A BEAUTY expert has revealed the common mistakes people make when trying to grow their hair using rosemary oil.

She shared her top tips after successfully regrowing her own hair which fell out in large clumps due to alopecia. 

Deepa Berar (@deepa.berar) boasts over 10,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares clean beauty and haircare advice.

She took to the social media platform to explain how to get the best results from using rosemary oil for healthy hair.

She said: “Here are four reasons why rosemary oil isn’t helping you stop your hair from falling out.

“I’m a hair growth expert and I help people everywhere stop the shedding and regrow their beautiful hair.

“For one, you’re not dealing with what’s actually causing your hair to fall out in the first place.

“Second you’re using it wrong. You need to dilute it in a carrier oil like castor oil.

“Third is that your body could be deficient in one of the key hair growth nutrients.

“And lastly your body could just be sensitive to rosemary.”

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Deepa directed viewers to visit her website for more advice about hair growth and to book a consultation with her.

The video went viral with over 70,000 views and thousands of likes from people who’ve struggled to achieve full long hair.

Many commenters asked for advice on their specific issues, while others gushed over Deepa’s “amazing” hair and brows.

A top commenter suggested pairing the use of the oil with supplements such as vitamin D and iron.

The post came after Deepa previously listed the benefits of using rosemary oil and shared a video of a woman who had transformed her thinning locks in just 30 days.

She said: “Rosemary oil has amazing beneficial properties to it like the fact that it can increase circulation in your scalp thereby increasing the number of nutrients that are delivered to your follicles.

“If your body is under inflammation or if the quality of your nutrients are low then rosemary oil is not going to be enough to help your hair grow.

“That’s why I always talk about getting to the root of what’s causing your hair loss in the first place so that you can fix that issue rather than trying the gazillion differing topical products.

“And praying that one is going to finally make your hair grow.”

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