You’re doing your makeup wrong – my ‘wiggle mascara’ hack will make your lashes look amazing & 7 more tips | The Sun

You’re doing your makeup wrong – my ‘wiggle mascara’ hack will make your lashes look amazing & 7 more tips | The Sun


MASCARA is a brilliant makeup tool to use for people who want to extend the appearance of their lashes.

One woman has makeup advice for anyone who uses mascara and other cosmetic items on a regular basis.

TikToker and makeup lover Taylor Efford has a lot to say about cosmetics.

She starts off her video by saying: "[These are] makeup mistakes you need to stop making."

Her first tip is all about using the "wiggle mascara" hack.

She jokingly says: "If I see one more person apply their mascara without doing a wiggling zigzagging motion, I’m going to cry.

"And the reason you want to wiggle it is that it’s going to help coat of top of the eyelash.

"So when you look down and your crush is reading over your shoulder, it’s not a line of ‘un-mascara’ mascara. Just wiggle it to coat the top!”

After that, she talks about eyebrows and contour.

"If you gel your eyebrows before you leave the house, you will feel 100% better.

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"Stop putting your contour or your bronzer low on your face. Keep it up high if you want to look plumper, juicy, and youthful.

"Lift up. Everything should be lifting up. Speaking of your bronzer, make sure you bring it over your nose," she advises.

The other places she points out for bronzer are your upper forehead and chin areas.

Another tip from Taylor is to add a dab of blush to the middle of your forehead.

She says: “It can be really cute. It looks like a sunburn. So if you’re doing it in a nice W-shaped, you’ll get a nice sunkissed look.

After that, Taylor stresses the importance of makeup hygiene.

"Please wash your makeup brush once a week. I know it’s tough. I know it’s not fun.

"But my recommendation is to play a really good podcast that you’ve been waiting to listen to and it is like therapy.

"You’ll get extra bacteria off your face. If you are like me and you deal with breakouts, this is key.

"Clean your eyebrow brush. I clean mine once a week. If you don’t, you’re going to get gunk on your brows.

"It’s going to look chunkier in a bad way, not a good way. Just wash them off. They’re totally reusable," she explains.

Taylor covers terrible makeup combinations as her next tip.

She says: "Stop mixing an oil-based foundation with a water-based primer.

"They don’t like each other. Oil and water hate each other! They’re going to hate each other on your face… and you don’t want that."

Anyone dealing with dark circles under their eyes will likely be interested in Taylor's next piece of advice,

She says: "If you’re worried about dark circles get an under-eye corrector with a little bit of a peach tone that will help cancel out some of that purple."

Finally, Taylor talks about how and where to use a basic highlighter palette.

She suggests making an exclamation point shape on the front of your nose with your highlighter as a form of simple contour.

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