You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot these five dangerous animals AND it means you’d survive in the wild | The Sun

You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot these five dangerous animals AND it means you’d survive in the wild | The Sun


YOU could have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot these five dangerous animals in nature-filled photos. 

The mind-wrecking brain teaser has gone viral on social media and has left many people scratching their heads in confusion. 

“This is the ‘how long you’d survive in the wild’ vision test,” Matthew explained in his minute-long clip. 

“Oh and spoiler alert, we haven’t got a chance,” he added before zooming out to reveal the very first image. 

Upon first glance, it just looks like an image of sandy rocks, perhaps on a beach. But there’s something camouflaged amongst the stones… Matthew called this the “easy” level. 

“And let me just say that every single animal in all of these photos could easily subtract you from life if they wanted to,” he went on to claim. “And then proceed to sleep like a baby afterwards.” 


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Speaking of the second photo, which appeared to be a set of white and brown trees surrounded by autumn leaves and bushes, he said: “Okay, I’d say this one is pretty average. 

“This one did drive me f***ing insane and we’re only on the second one so good luck. Don’t worry if you can’t see it because I can assure you, it sees you.

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“And the worst part is, once you’ve seen it and know exactly what animal it is, you can pretty much guarantee that there are more around. This I couldn’t see, I would not survive in the wild…”

The third photo @officialmjcmatthew shared looked like some  dead leaves on the ground with a few patches of grass. 

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Labelling this level “hard”, he gave a clue, explaining that viewers are looking for something small. 

Calling the fourth snap “difficult”, he said that finding it wouldn’t help you in the wild as “it’s looking directly into your soul and these animals tend to stare at what they want to take for themselves”. 

The final photo of the series saw rubble and dirt with a single tree in the middle and a long branch sticking out. 

“Finally we have insane and it’s cruel. I’m not trolling for views, it’s there.”

Think you have the keen vision needed to spot all the animals? Have a go for yourself…

Others, however, were not so fortunate to see all of the animals in the photos and took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

“Could you make a video showing where they are,” one person begged after being unable to see them. 

Another said: “POV: you look at comments for answers,” as a third argued: “Humans track by movement tho”. [sic]

While a fourth added: “i couldn’t even see the first one I wouldn’t last a day”. [sic] 

Time’s up! In the first photo there’s a spider in the middle. 

The second image has a wolf hiding next to the second tree from the left. The third has a snake in the corner while there’s a snow leopard hiding underneath the snow-covered rocks.

The final image has a leopard hiding by the branch in the shaded area. 

Can't get enough? Why not try spotting the three differences in these two near-identical images.

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