Woman shares £2 hack to spider-proof your entire house – and it leaves behind a lovely smell that the insect hates | The Sun

Woman shares £2 hack to spider-proof your entire house – and it leaves behind a lovely smell that the insect hates | The Sun


A WOMAN has revealed the genius way she was able to spider-proof her home now autumn is here. 

Lucy Kalice, who describes herself to be in her “domestic era”, often uses her social media account to share her nifty tips and tricks for the home. 

Spider mating season is usually around the start of September, which means there’s an increase in the pesky critters. 

And they’re more likely to be seen in the home until around mid-October. 

For those who are afraid of the eight-legged insects, one woman has devised a way to prevent them from ever entering the home… and it costs just £3. 

Taking to her TikTok account, she shared a clip of herself spider-proofing the home as she said: “If you’re someone who hates spiders then this video is for you.

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“I’m trying to spider-proof my house with tea tree oil.”

She went on to explain how peppermint oil is apparently the best thing to use, but she didn’t have any on hand. 

Tea tree oil, according to Lucy, does “the same job” and both oils can be found online from places such as Amazon for as little as £2. 

She added a few drops to a cotton bud before swiping it over all the edges of every door and window frame in her home. 

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“I did the back door, I did the front door and then I moved onto the windows,” she said. 

“Because you may or may not know that it is actually spider season at the moment. 

“I’m getting reminded daily at the moment and there’s spiders popping up everywhere, so hopefully this will work.” 

In the caption, TikTok user @lucykalice added: “Gorgeous gorgeous girls spider proof their house in spider season…” 

And in a second video, she revealed after this worked, she decided to try and spider proof her floors by adding peppermint oil to her mop. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “It works!” 

A second posted: “Every strand of hair tickle on my face or neck instantly makes me think there is a spider on me,” to which she replied: “Omg SAME! And apparently we eat spiders in our sleep so that creeps me out”. 

And a third shared: “Saw someone spraying wd40 on their windows and door thresholds so I tried it and no spiders!” 

Another chimed: “Just use WD-40”.

While another added: “WD40 does the same thing”. 

WD-40 can be found online for just £2.50, but most households already have the product lying about. 

Meanwhile, here are another 13 ways to stop spiders from invading your home.


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And one homes pro has shared the three natural methods to keep spiders out & ensure they don’t return.

Do you have a nifty hack up your sleeve?

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