Woman reveals hack to TEXT 999 in case you can’t talk in any emergency & begs other women to do the same

Woman reveals hack to TEXT 999 in case you can’t talk in any emergency & begs other women to do the same


WHEN you think about how you'd react in an emergency, the first thing most of us would do is call the police – but what if making that all-important phone call actually puts you in more danger?

Well, it turns out there's actually a little-known way you can TEXT the emergency services – and it takes just seconds to register.

Earlier this year, TikTok user Georgia Penny highlighted the service in a viral video which has racked up over 1.9m views.

In the clip, Georgia explains: "If you're a girl in the UK, I'm practically begging you to do this.

"If you literally just text the word 'REGISTER' to 999, you get this automated message […] and if you reply with 'YES', that's it.

"It takes 20 seconds and you've registered your phone number with the UK police."

The service is primarily designed for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment – but can also be used if you are unable to call 999.

However, calling 999 is still the fastest and most effective way of getting on contact with the emergency services.

On the Relay UK website, the advisers insist you should only text 999 if you have "no other option" as "it will take longer" than calling emergency services directly.

Once you've sent the first message, it's important to follow up by texting 'YES' to ensure you are registered on the system.

In the event of an emergency, people registered on the system are asked to specify what service they need (ambulance, police, fire brigade) and explain what has happened as clearly and briefly as possible.

The website reads: "Be precise [about your location], including the name of the road and town and, if possible, more details like the house number or nearby landmarks or main roads."

In response to Georgia's video, one viewer replied: "Stay safe sisters!"

Another added: "This could literally save lives!"

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