Woman quoted £4k to update her tired bathroom does it herself for just £45 and her secret was a £3.99 Amazon buy

Woman quoted £4k to update her tired bathroom does it herself for just £45 and her secret was a £3.99 Amazon buy


IF money were no object, we'd ALL have spa-worthy bathrooms at home – but as it stands, they're one of the most expensive areas to renovate.

That said, one savvy mum has revealed how she transforming her boring bathroom for just £45 after being quoted £4k by builders.

Speaking to Latest Deals, Samantha Daley explained how she revamped the bathroom using Fablon, Frenchic paint and a bargain Amazon grout pen.

She said: "I love to do DIY. We bought a do-er upper at the end of 2016 and I have been working on the house since we moved in. I have a few more rooms to go until it's done top to toe."

Over lockdown, Samantha – who works in a sixth form college and runs the Instagram account The Half Finished House – discovered Frenchic paint which inspired her to try revamping the bathroom herself.

Having found inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, Samantha added: "I am not one to plan much. I am very impulsive when it comes to colour choices and I like bold colours and dark interiors. 

"I had wanted to change this bathroom for ages, but it wasn't really that bad – it just wasn't to my taste."

 In total, it took Samantha three days to transform the bathroom – having ordered the Fablon, paint and grout pen online.

Breaking down the costs, the mum said: "The Fablon cost £8.99 a roll from Amazon, the handles were Amazon were from £10.99 for five, the grout pen was £3.99 from Amazon, and the paint was from a local Frenchic supplier for £6.95 per 150ml."

The mum restored the grout's colour using the £3.99 Amazon pen before painting the sides of the cabinets navy.

But while she may be experienced in DIY, Samantha revealed that she still had to watch YouTube tutorials for help covering the surfaces in Fablon.

Once this was done, Samantha accessorised the room with house plants she already owned and a "Be Kind" print from lamfy.

Needless to say, the mum is "delighted" by how well the bathroom turned out and offered her advice for other DIY fans.

She added: "My top tips for people hoping to do similar is to join Facebook groups, Instagram and Pinterest so you can gain inspiration and tips from people who have undertaken similar projects!"

"Another tip is don't be afraid to experiment and don't worry if you don't make the right call the first time round. It's easy to change direction, and if you're DIYing it, changing your mind needn't be costly!"

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