Woman issues warning after claiming cheap Shein lashes left with her red blood eyes which took over a month to heal | The Sun

Woman issues warning after claiming cheap Shein lashes left with her red blood eyes which took over a month to heal | The Sun


A WOMAN has issued a warning after claiming cheap Shein lashes left her with red blotchy eyes.

Mika uploaded a video showing her bloodshot eyeballs and said it “took over a month” to heal.

She wrote: “Idk but since wearing those Shein lashes something’s different.

“Took over a month to heal, but I’m legally blind still.”

The clip blew up, racking up 162,000 likes, and many people asked Mika to share more information about what happened when she wore the £1.89 lashes.

In a follow-up clip on her @mikaneila account, she claimed: “It’s not an allergic reaction, it was an infection.

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“I went to the hospital, I was there for 13 hours.

“This was the night I wore them, I wore them for six to eight hours and it felt like a muscle strain in the top of my eye, I thought ‘oh my god, I’m tired right.’

“Then it was a little bit red, a little bit swollen, I was like ‘what is happening?’

“By the end of the night it started to get more red and worrying.”

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She said it was just one eye at first, and she went to the chemist to get antibacterial drops thinking she had conjunctivitis.

Mika continued: “It was getting really bad so I went to the hospital, it was just swelling a lot.

“I was at the hospital for 13 hours, they did a bunch of tests, they looked at my eyes, they did swabs, they even did a CT where they had to like inject me with dye.

“It was a terrible experience.

“We came to the conclusion it was an infection and they told me to follow up with an optometrist as they didn’t have the right eye stuff.

“This was me wearing a bandage on my eye because I was embarrassed to go out in public, I looked diseased.

“The pupil got really big, it was so bad, my eye was watering because it hurt.

“The pain was unimaginable.

“My second eye started to really come down with the sickness and swell up.”

Mika said the pain and swelling have gone down now, but alleges she still has trouble seeing certain things due to having “holes in her cornea.”

She explained: “When I saw I’m legally blind, I can’t drive, I can’t even see the TV.

“It will recover as far as I know, I’ve been putting in eye drops every day.

“My cornea will recover, I won’t be blind forever.”

Mika said a lot of people have messaged her saying they’ve been wearing their Shein lashes for years without any issues.

She replied: “So was I, I wore Shein lashes for a while, something was off with this particular packet.

“I just opened it and it was the first lashes I put on.

“It’s not the glue, I use my own glue.

“All I’m going to say is if you are going to continue wearing the lashes, wash them, I don’t know why I’ve never thought to do this.

“Just get alcohol or antibacterial and give them a little wipe before wearing them.”

A Shein spokesperson told Fabulous: “SHEIN takes product safety seriously and is dedicated to providing customers with safe and reliable products. 

“Our suppliers are required to comply with the controls and standards we have put in place, including chemical controls lists and standards which are aligned to Europe’s REACH, as well as CPSIA, CPSA and CA65 from the US, amongst other regulations.

“We work closely with international third-party testing agencies such as Intertek, SGS, BV and TUV, to regularly carry out testing to ensure suppliers’ compliance to our product safety standards.

“In the past year, we have conducted more than 300,000 chemical safety tests with these agencies.

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“Upon learning of any claim against our products, we immediately remove the product from our site as a matter of caution whilst conducting our investigations. 

“If non-compliance is verified, we will not hesitate to take appropriate follow-up action with the supplier of said product.”

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