Woman claims putting your dishwasher tablets in the cutlery drawer cleans more effectively – The Sun

Woman claims putting your dishwasher tablets in the cutlery drawer cleans more effectively – The Sun


THERE'S nothing worse than putting a load of dirty plates and cutlery in the dishwasher only for them to come out less than gleaming.

However, one woman has revealed that placing the tablet in the cutlery drawer – not its usual spot – ensures it cleans more effectively.

With women spending an average of 4.5 hours a day doing household chores, the clever trick could save you both time and energy.

The revelation came about after a woman called Leticia posted in Facebook group Cleaning Hacks asking for advice on the best way to use a dishwasher.

"I never in my 40+ years of life used my dishwasher except maybe a handful of times," she wrote.

"But with two extra people in the house and wanting to add time to workout I think it’s time!
"I need best practices , tips and tricks, and what is best to use inside."

Members of the group did not disappoint with their advice, with a woman called Heather suggesting a genius tip about where to place the dishwasher capsule.

"I found putting the tablet in the cutlery basket is much better than the proper holder," she advised.

Another woman called Sandra agreed: "I throw tablet in bottom not in holder."

A third, named Tina, suggested that the time of day can keep bills down.

Have you tried these cleaning tips?

  • Using cleaning cloths made from natural materials – rather than classic yellow dusters – is more effective at tackling dust.
  • Try a window cleaner to get pet and human hair out of the carpet.
  • Clean your coffee grinder by whizzing some uncooked brown rice through it.
  • Use a lint roller to get hair and dust off screens or speakers.
  • Place a wet wipe over a screwdriver to help you get into the gap under the toilet tank.

"I use mine every night. Run it after 8pm when electricity is cheaper," she wrote.

Tina also claimed that liquid is more preferable than capsules.

"I prefer the liquid over the pods because it’s cheaper," she explained.

"Our last dishwasher broke down and the repairman found the plastic wrappers that are around the pod stuck on there."

And a woman called Lisa added: "Instead of buying rinse agent, try distilled white vinegar, brings the crockery and glasses out sparkling (like it does your windows)."

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