Where to buy a clearance return pallet? | The Sun

Where to buy a clearance return pallet? | The Sun


MYSTERY boxes can be an exciting gamble, even more so if they're in the form of a clearance returns pallet.

You can find a bargain purchasing discounted returned goods from companies like Amazon through a returns pallet.

What is a clearance return pallet?

A clearance return pallet is what it says on the tin – a pallet of items that have been returned to a company and are now being sold for clearance.

There is no telling why the goods have been returned, they could be faulty, damaged or simply unwanted by the previous customer.

Unlike a liquidation return pallet, these are companies predominantly selling off returns rather than excess stock, although the resulting box is the same.

Once returned to the company, distributors will package together items of a similar nature or theme for you to purchase.

For example, in a homeware themed pallet, you could find anything from microwaves, irons and bins – to kitchenware, fairy lights, and aromatherapy oils.

Pallets can be found across the internet with specific b2b websites created to sell them en masse.


Where to buy liquidation return pallets in the UK

I bought a Very returns pallet for £366 – there was a pram worth £399 and more

You can purchase branded clearance return pallets from sites including eBay, where sellers can offer pallets of products from stores like John Lewis or Asos.

This means you can narrow down what you could receive to a store you like or specify beauty products instead of gadgets.

Where to buy a clearance return pallet?

eBay offers a great range of return pallets – whether you're looking to fit a particular room in your house or buy from your favourite retailer.

For Amazon pallets, the company partnered with B-Stock to launch Amazon Liquidation Auctions.

Amazon EU Liquidation Auctions is the official b2b marketplace where you can buy overstock merchandise directly from Amazon, you need to register for this auction though.

latest in return pallets


Where to buy liquidation return pallets in the UK


Where to buy return pallets in the UK

Here's some retailers that sell return pallets:

  • Wholesale Scout
  • B Stock
  • MartHill International
  • Gem Wholesale
  • Brit Deals
  • Merkandi
  • Wholesale Clearance UK
  • i-Bidder
  • Jobalots
  • Ebay

What other return pallets are there?

There are also liquidation return pallets available to purchase.

For many retailers, when an item is returned from an online or in-store purchase it cannot be sold. 

While many have turned to liquidation and wholesale to resell their excess inventory, some struggle to keep up with huge quantities.

As an option to get rid of bulk goods, liquidation pallets are sold to buyers who hope they come across a product with no faults, minimal damage or that can be fixed.

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