We're energy experts & people always make the same mistakes when heating their homes – it could be costing you hundreds | The Sun

We're energy experts & people always make the same mistakes when heating their homes – it could be costing you hundreds | The Sun


WE'RE all on the look out for little hacks that help us to save money on the heating but sadly not all of the "tips" are as helpful as they seem.

A lot of the hacks you see online are really helpful – but not all and there are some myths that definitely need busting.

Money and energy experts speaking to Good to Know shared the misconceptions that could be costing you money and their advice for getting it right.

Goodto.com's Money Editor Sarah Handley said: "It seems that everyone has an tip on trick on how to reduce your heating bills, but sadly not all of them will be effective, and in the worst case scenarios, they could end up costing you more money instead."

Firstly the tackled the idea that keeping the heating on low all day saved money – as according to the pros that's not actually true.

They explained that while there are benefits to this approach, as it can help reduce condensation and your home will always feel a bit warmer.

Plus the constant heating will stop your pipes from freezing and bursting.

But sadly it's not as friendly on the pocket as you would have hoped, even well insulated homes lose heat so if your heating is on all day – you'll be losing energy all day too.

Energy Saving Trust's Joanna O’Loan said: “It costs less to set your heating to come on when you need it and just in the rooms that you are using, rather than keeping it on low all day.”

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Second they addressed that idea that an electric heater is cheaper than the central heating.

Many people are tempted to turn off the central heating in favour of a plug in heater if they'll be in one room for the day.

But the cost of running an indoor heater can be huge – given that electricity costs three times more than gas.

The pros all agreed that the best way to warm up a room is with gas central heating.

They did however have a few suggestions that do work to save money in the long run.

These include regularly bleeding your radiators and making sure you have an energy efficient boiler.

They also suggested lining your windows with cling film.

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The experts said: "If you’ve got draughty windows or condensation problems, making secondary glazing out of clingfilm can help.

"The clingfilm traps a layer of air which stops heat escaping."

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