We’re dehumidifier experts – the mistakes people always make with theirs and how to ensure yours is the most effective | The Sun

We’re dehumidifier experts – the mistakes people always make with theirs and how to ensure yours is the most effective | The Sun


HAVING a dehumidifier in your home is a great and cost-effective way to keep your home try and prevent mould.

But did you know there are some common mistakes people make again and again with the handy gadget?

Chris Michael, leading dehumidifier manufacturer at Meaco, shared some of the major mistakes people make with Ideal Home.

Check it's the right way round

Dehumidifiers are pretty self explanatory, but you should always double check your machine is facing the right way.

"Position the dehumidifier next to rack so that the dry air from the dehumidifier blows over the clothes," Chris explained.

Don't bother facing it the other way around, with the filters facing your damp clothes.


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Keep it in the best position

Although your dehumidifier will do it's job anywhere in your home, if you want to so a real difference you should keep it as close to the water source as possible.

That said, Chris explained he doesn't generally recommended keeping one in the bathroom.

Keeping one close to the bathroom door will work just fine.

Don't open the window

Opening a window to get rid of moisture inside only works if it's cooler outside.

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"The detail behind this approach depends on fresh air coming in from outside on a day when it is colder outside than inside, and the outside air is therefore warmed and dried," Chris told Ideal Home.

Always research before buying

We love a good impulse buy, but when it comes to dehumidifiers it's best to do your research before purchasing.

Things to look out for include an electronic humidistat and one with a laundry mode you can set to a timer.

The pro also suggested looking at the wattage before buying to make sure it's nice and cheap to run.

Remember to clean the filter

The filter of any dehumidifier needs cleaning more than you might think.

This is because they suck air inside to dry it out, but also pull in dust, pet hair and dander in the process.

You can replace the filters when needed, or just keep them clean with a damp cloth every other week.

Avoid placing too close to the wall

For the best results, try to keep your machine away from the wall.

It doesn't need to be miles away, but just leave a small gap to let it run efficiently.

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