'Top 0.1%' optical illusion drives the internet wild – but it's for an unusual reason | The Sun

'Top 0.1%' optical illusion drives the internet wild – but it's for an unusual reason | The Sun


OUR brains can trick us into seeing and hearing things that aren't actually there.

Only a small number of people can solve this confusing Minecraft-themed optical illusion, according to TikTok gaming account The Cherry 27.

The Cherry 27 shared a TikTok video which infuriated followers as they attempted to spot the golden block.

The video shows a screen recording from a Minecraft game as it seamlessly moves along a beam, knocking down blue walls.

To make the illusion even more annoying, a constant sound is playing in the background which begins rising in octave, building the tension as viewers scan the screen.

"Wait for the gold block, only 0.1% of people can find it," Cherry captioned the video.

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If you're struggling to find the gold brick, don't worry you are not alone.

We can reveal the gold brick never actually appears on screen as the video begins to loop, returning to the beginning.

The background sound also loops, meaning it never actually changes octave your brain only makes you think it's rising.

TikTok users took to the comment section to share their frustration at the trick.

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"WAIT- I just realized it was a loop. I spent 10 minutes on this," commented one viewer.

Another person joked: "It's close to the end, wait for it."

"Fun fact: It's the same sound but your brain is making you hear the sound go into a higher pitch even though it's the same exact sound all throughout," one user explained.

"Good job. I was literally straining my eyes on this," said another viewer.

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