The top eight sexy shows on telly this autumn – including a programme which promises to be the new Bridgerton | The Sun

The top eight sexy shows on telly this autumn – including a programme which promises to be the new Bridgerton | The Sun


AS the nights draw in, TV is back with a banquet of titillating dramas, emotional dating shows and sexually charged thrillers this autumn.

From corset-filled regency romps to raunchy reality TV – there is something to get everyone’s pulses racing.

Here, Emma Pryer reveals the top eight sexy shows on TV and streamers.

And Sun Sexpert Georgette Culley provides some top tips on how you can recreate them at home . . . 

The Couple Next Door

Channel 4, Coming this autumn

EVER fantasised about getting up close and personal with a neighbour? And we don’t mean getting into a neighbourhood dispute!


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This six-part thriller stars Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie and Alfred Enoch, from How To Get Away With Murder, as Pete. They are a couple who move into a new fancy neighbourhood.

 In an otherwise closed-off community, the pair find themselves drawn to their new neighbours, cop Danny (Sam Heughan, Outlander) and glamorous yoga teacher Becka (Jessica De Gouw, The Secrets She Keeps).

But when things get over-familiar one night, and they dive into a world of non-monogamy, the couples find their lives intertwined in a way they could never have imagined.

GEORGETTE SAYS: Some fantasies should stay a fantasy – especially when the couple in question are your neighbours.

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But if you and your partner want to explore ethical non-monogamy then generally it’s better to meet like-minded couples on kinky apps like Feeld or go to a sex party together.

Most curious couples start by meeting strangers and have set boundaries in place before any action begins. Most rules include: choosing the other person(s) together, not talking to them outside of the bedroom unless your partner is present and having a safe word to end play if one of you isn’t enjoying it.

The Buccaneers

Apple TV+, Wednesday

WHAT’S not to love about another Bridgerton-style, corset-filled Regency-era series?

 Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Kate Winslet’s daughter Mia Threapleton are among the cast of this hotly anticipated, eight-part drama series.

It sees The Buccaneers – a beautiful and untameable group of fun-loving, young American girls – explode on to the 1870s London scene to snare a rich aristocrat and secure their future.

 As ever, love won’t run smoothly.

 Brace yourself for more than a few blips along the way as this raucous bunch cause mayhem among high society.

There will also be some shirtless action and lots of palpable on-screen chemistry.

GEORGETTE SAYS: If you are looking to heat things up this winter why not indulge in a bit of regency roleplay.

The period drama is packed with inspiration so set the scene in your bedroom.

Turn off harsh overhead lights and turn each other on with old fashioned candles and sexy satin sheets to ramp up the romance.

If you’re feeling brave opt for frilly French knickers and a lace corset to really get in the mood.

Over 40 per cent of couples struggle to open up about their desires so roleplay is a fun and playful way to share them.

Love Is Blind

Netflix, Series five out now

NICK and Vanessa Lachey are back playing Cupid with a new batch of love-hungry singletons who are happy to undertake ten days of intense blind dates in pods.

 There they will relentlessly probe potential partners with some important questions.

The only snag is, when the bubble bursts and it’s time for life outside of the pods, will those couples who get engaged decide to say, “I do” or when reality kicks in, are things such as low credit scores a deal breaker?

This year’s batch includes insurance agent Izzy, who has perfect teeth, Carter a fisherman hoping to net his perfect woman. While Jared and Taylor, above, get to know each other.

GEORGETTE SAYS: You don’t have to go on a reality TV show to find out what your other half wants in bed – you can create your own sex game at home.

X-rated Truth or Dare is great as you’ll get to know each other while daring one another to get one step further in the bedroom. Crack open a bottle of wine if it helps get you in the mood, but don’t get drunk as booze depresses your central nervous system, inhibiting orgasm.

After Everything

Amazon, out now

THOSE of us who are still a sucker for a good old heart-throb will no doubt already have spent years gripped by the intense and passionate romance between troubled Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and squeaky-clean Tessa (Josephine Langford).

This fifth and final instalment sees the pair break up when a story he wrote about their relationship gets published and becomes a best-seller. It is about as naff as it gets, yet still somehow satisfying. After Hardin embarks on a foreign trip – and a steamy sex dream mid-air – a fresh perspective from ex-girlfriend Nathalie (Mimi Keene), above, he messed with helps him finally make peace with the past.

When he finally sees Tessa again after two years, there is yet more hypnotising, palpable sexual chemistry.

It’s just a shame this comes so late in the film.

GEORGETTE SAYS: It’s easy to reminisce over our younger, carefree days but don’t forget sex with an ex is unlikely to ever be as good as you remember.

Concentrate on your current partner and think back to the early, heady days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Bring those memories to life by recreating your first date.

Studies show women who are romanced are more likely to feel in the mood.

Go to your favourite restaurant together and surprise your partner with a memory book to revive all those lusty memories.

Sex Rated

Channel 4, Available to stream

RYLAN CLARK and sex educator Ruby Rare help improve contestants’ love lives as a daring bunch join them on the sofa and put their sexual abilities under the spotlight.

Each participant fills in a lengthy sex survey, then sits on the sofa with Rylan, left, to discuss their own likes, preferences and skills. Next, two or three of their exes drop by and reveal how they have rated that person.

 You might think you are a ten at foreplay, but imagine the horror if your former partner declares on national television that you are a mere two.

To say it’s revealing would certainly be a serious understatement.

GEORGETTE SAYS: If you’re brave enough, commission your own sex survey and send it to your ex partner(s) – or just review and improve your skill set.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, porn is a brilliant tool to learn new tricks but avoid mainstream movies which generally focus on men’s pleasure.

Ethical porn like Erica Lust is great. It shows realistic sex, equal amounts of nudity and lots of real orgasms.

There are also an array of sexual wellness apps like Lover, Spicer and Ferly which help couples discover new sex ideas and act as an intimacy coach.

Sex Education

Netflix, Series four out now

DIE-HARD fans tuned in as soon as it landed on Netflix.

But for those who haven’t yet, the raunchy coming-of-age series continues to evoke plenty more laughs and cringe-worthy moments.

 With Moordale school closed, Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), both above, and their fellow students navigate new halls – at the free-spirited Cavendish College. But amid all this change, Sex Education series four promises classic sexual hijinks and the growing-up lessons that come with them. Otis struggles to take a good nude, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) catalogues her orgasms and Jean (Gillian Anderson) begins a sex advice radio show.

Hopefully she will have some extra help on how to come to terms with the end of the hit programme.

GEORGETTE SAYS: Struggling to take the perfect nude? Before you start, set the scene. There’s nothing sexy about a huge pile of dirty washing in the background.

Make sure your room is tidy and the lighting is right. Generally, lighting in front of you will be more flattering than lighting behind.

You don’t need to look like a Victoria Secret model to look hot but confidence is key. Make sure the angle is right by focussing on your best assets and use a tripod if it’s easier. Most importantly, NEVER put your face or any other identifying feature like a tattoo in a pic – it may come back to haunt you in the future.


Prime Video, Out now

HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially when it involves a cheating husband.

Doting housewife Liv (Jenna Coleman) discovers handsome husband Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), both above, has been putting in some extra work time with a sexy colleague. Cue racy sex video with lots of red G-string action. She plots a holiday like no other, to get revenge.

But when Will’s mistress turns up, flaunting her sexy curves, Liv’s plan goes even more topsy-turvy.

It is a twisted love story that is far more dark comedy than romance. But what’s not to love?

GEORGETTE SAYS: It’s normal to fantasise about other people and it doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong in your relationship.

More than 80 per cent of women and 98 per cent of men admit thinking about someone else in bed other than their partner, so don’t beat yourself up if you are having these fantasies.

Instead initiate “just-met” roleplay with your partner and pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time at a bar.

After a few drinks, imagine you’re “booking into a cheap hotel” for a wild night of passion to make it feel like a naughty one night stand.


Netflix, Out now

IT’S been dubbed Netflix’s kinkiest series . . . with good reason.

Renowned doctor William (Richard Armitage) is at the height of his career. We meet him as he has just successfully performed a 14-hour brain surgery on conjoined infants – and his wife and grown kids are wildly proud of him.

But trouble starts after he meets his son’s intense girlfriend Anna (Charlie Murphy), above, and sparks fly, to put it mildly. The two begin a sizzling affair, driven by a whole lot of kinky, animalistic sex. Anna sets William a series of rules and he follows her dotingly around like a hypnotised sex zombie.

 They enjoy all manner of liaisons including being tied up and blindfolded. But things quickly spread into a dangerous, all-consuming romance that is about to ruin lives for evermore.

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GEORGIE SAYS: BDSM can sound daunting but it’s just an umbrella term for lots of different kinks.

The brilliant thing about bondage is you can make it as vanilla or extreme as you like. Start slow – handcuffs, spanking and dirty talk are great for beginners. Always have a safe word or a signal in case one of you wants to stop and make sure it’s something which can’t be confused with pleasure. Communication is key when you’re trying out new kinks so make sure you are both on the same page before you begin. Use the traffic light system to communicate what you like. Green for yes, amber for maybe and red for no.

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