The three foods you need to eat now if you want to have better sex – and it isn’t what you think

The three foods you need to eat now if you want to have better sex – and it isn’t what you think


WE all know that certain foods can turn you on… oyster anyone?

But it turns out there are a new group of super sexy foods in town which can get you in the mood quickly.

Now Adam MacDougall, writing in News.Com.Au, has revealed what they are.

Call them nature’s Viagra, if you’d like. In fact, you can call them whatever you’d like, just so long as you get them on your plate.



Watermelon has actually been called nature’s Viagra due to its nifty ability to increase blood flow, which is, of course, incredibly important when it comes to waking up your slumbering sex drive. And is pretty much exactly what those little blue pills do.


If you want to mate like a rabbit, eat like a rabbit. Iceberg lettuce contains Lactucarium, a milky fluid known as ‘lettuce opium’ because of its sedative and analgesic properties that increase our sexual hormones.


Avocado derives from an Aztec word meaning “testicle”, which makes a whole lot of sense if you look at an avocado’s shape. Avocados are full of mono-saturated fats, which are great for ensuring you have a healthy heart and good blood flow, which is crucial when it comes to getting things up and moving.



The myth that oysters increase sexual desire is exactly that: a myth. Researchers have found they do nothing when it comes to sexy time, so save your time – and money – by skipping oysters altogether.


Alcohol might deliver a short burst of courage when it comes to getting to the bedroom, but it won’t help a lick once you get there. Research shows it decreases blood flow to our private parts, as well as reduces our hormones, chiefly testosterone. Want to avoid brewer’s droop? Drop the booze.


Dr John Kellogg was a Seventh Day Adventist who believed that bland, high-carbohydrate foods could reduce our libido, so he created Cornflakes. Considering Cornflakes rank pretty low on any list of sexy foods, we’re willing to believe him!

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