The Queen's coronation was almost ruined by her lady-in-waiting nearly fainting on live TV

The Queen's coronation was almost ruined by her lady-in-waiting nearly fainting on live TV


THE prospect of appearing on live television is enough to fill most of us with fear – but for the six ladies-in-waiting who accompanied The Queen on her coronation, it was nothing short of terrifying.

Appearing on the ITV documentary The Queen: Inside the Crown, Lady Anne Glenconner revealed that they were each given a bottle of smelling salts if they felt faint during the Westminster Abbey ceremony in June 1953.

Although she had the smelling salts hidden in her gloves, Lady Anne – who is the daughter of the fifth Earl of Leicester – suddenly felt overwhelmed by the millions of people watching the ceremony on live TV.

Describing how the smelling salts "didn't do much good", she recalled: "I started to sway, everything was black.

"I couldn't see, everything was black. It was awful."

Determined not to "let the Queen down", she added: "I could ruin the whole thing.

"All the cameras, millions of people all over the world watching."

Fortunately, the Black Rod (a name given to a senior official of the House of Lords) noticed Lady Anne was struggling and stopped her from falling over and drawing attention away from Her Majesty.

"Suddenly I had this wonderful arm pinning me to the pillar at the back" she added. "He kept [it there] long enough for me to recover."

Before they left for the ceremony, Lady Anne said seeing The Queen in her coronation dress – which took eight months to design – was "like a Disney film".

She said: "It was absolutely unreal!"

What's more, The Queen previously admitted she "couldn't look down" while wearing her coronation crown or her neck would "have broken".

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