The dangerous cleaning hacks NOT to do – from putting drying sheets in vacuum to spraying your radiators with Fabulosa | The Sun

The dangerous cleaning hacks NOT to do – from putting drying sheets in vacuum to spraying your radiators with Fabulosa | The Sun


THREE years ago, we wouldn't have been able to tell you what on earth a Minky was – let alone which supermarket has the cheapest Zoflora scents on offer.

But thanks to "cleanfluencers" like Mrs Hinch, these must-have products have now become things we reach for in our everyday lives.

That said, not every tip being shared by cleaning fanatics on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are safe to use at home – and some are even incredibly dangerous.

Here Fabulous reveals the popular tips you should be avoiding – including one woman's harrowing Fabulosa warning.

Why you should NEVER spray Fabulosa in radiators

Earlier this year, homeowners warned using Fabulosa's scented spray cans on radiators after one woman claimed it caused an EXPLOSION in her living room.

Before she tried it for herself, the woman says she saw the hack being plugged on TikTok, where people said it had effectively removed lingering dust from radiators and made their home smell amazing.

However, she was left devastated when the hack allegedly caused a ‘fireball’ in her home, blowing her window out and leaving her with burns on her ankles

In a post she wrote: “WARNING. If you're thinking of using the Shock Can to clean out your radiators, DON'T. 

“I did this today and some how a massive fire ball explosion happened resulting in my windows being blown out and my both of my ankles burnt. 


A spokesperson for Fabulosa said: "Our customer’s health and safety is of utmost importance to us and we take any reported incidents seriously.

“We have contacted the customers concerned so we can investigate.

“Fabulosa and its packaging is fully compliant with all safety regulations on how to safely use them and any associated risks.

“In line with this our Shock Can states quite clearly that it is extremely flammable and should therefore be kept away from heat and all sources of ignition.”

Zoflora Boiling Water Warning

There's no denying that Zoflora disinfectants always smell amazing – but the company has had to warn fans against mixing the product with boiling water.

People had been raving about trying out the disinfectant’s numerous aromas by adding them to jars. 

Taking to a cleaning tips Facebook page, one homeowner warned: "Can't believe I'm having to write another warning…. please, please, please… do not mix Zoflora with boiling water. It is a disinfectant, it is not meant to be inhaled.

“I am obviously not talking about when being used for cleaning, I am talking about leaving it out on a counter all night with the sole purpose of the ‘fragrance’ filling the room/house."

Do not mix Zoflora with boiling water. It is a disinfectant, it is not meant to be inhaled.

She added: “If you want your room to smell nice, use a wax melt?

“Rather than advocating on Instagram to leave Zoflora sitting in boiling water to release its fumes all night?”

A Zoflora spokeswoman said: "We do not advise using Zoflora with boiling water as this has not been tested, and could potentially negatively impact the ingredients within Zoflora and the vapour they release.

"The use of boiling water offers no benefits in terms of the disinfecting properties of Zoflora, and we therefore recommend using with cool or warm water.

“All of our recommended product uses are related to the elimination of bacteria and viruses as Zoflora is an effective disinfectant, and we therefore do not recommend any use which isn’t aligned to the function of this type of product.”

Damaging vacuum hack

One mum has claimed that putting a dryer sheet in her vacuum left her carpets smelling amazing – but an expert warned it could be damaging the machinery in the long-run.

Posting on the Facebook page Mums Who Clean, the mum explained how she puts a fluffy dryer sheet inside the barrel of her Dyson vacuum every time she wants to tackle her carpets and claims it leaves her home smelling "lovely" as a result.

However, Dyson's Lead Separation Systems Engineer Jonathan McGaughey warned that the mum's method could damage your vacuum.

The expert told Yahoo Lifestyle: "While we love the idea of finding ways to reduce bad odours in your home, we would never recommend intentionally including large foreign objects in the bin of a Dyson vacuum as it could reduce the functionality of the primary cyclone and cause a loss of suction power.

"We do not recommend that owners expose their machines to any liquid including water, or essential oils. Owners should refer to the instructions in the manual provided with the machine upon purchase, as usage of their machine outside of what it’s designed to do may void their guarantee."

Mixing products

We get it – cleaning the loo isn't the most glamorous task so it's no wonder some people like to liven it up with some lovely smelling products.

However, housekeeper Emma Dunbar was slammed last year when she mixed multiple toilet cleaners together to create a rainbow effect in her loo.

Emma uploaded it to Facebook group Cleaning Hacks, Tips & Recommendations (UK Group) and said: “When you get sick of looking at boring old toilets!”

But she was immediately inundated with warnings from people, who told her mixing chemicals could be dangerous. 

Darren Kingston, Station Manager and Hazmat lead for AF&RS, said: "People often think that if one product works, mixing it with another one will make it even better, but this is not the case.

"Certain products, which are safe when used alone, can sometimes cause harmful fumes or other chemical reactions when mixed with other products.

“We are urging people to always read and follow the instructions and never mix cleaning products.”

Emma later clarified that she had used the same product in different colours and urged people not to mix chemicals

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