The best Kardashian fights ever – from punch ups, to shockingly catty put downs

The best Kardashian fights ever – from punch ups, to shockingly catty put downs


WITH the first two series of Keeping up with the Kardashians now available to binge on Netflix, we’re enjoying the ups and downs of one of the world’s most famous families all over again.

And the best bit? Just like any close-knit household, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and even Kris just love a good barney, and these scraps make for some of the best TV moments on the show.

So, we’ve gathered together some of the family’s most shocking arguments, their loudest screaming matches and even some questionable punch ups from the last 18 series for your viewing pleasure…

1. Kim’s new Bentley starts a war

This episode has been named the “Kardashian Civil War” and for good reason.

It’s one of the rare (and first) times we actually see the girls get physical with each other.

We see an excited young Kim in Season 2, going to pick up her new Bentley with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney but when a delay ensues, her siblings get bored of the wait and start an argument with the car dealer.

An embarrassed Kim scolds her sisters, the three bicker and what starts as a screaming match between Khloe and Kim ends with Kim attacking Khloe with her handbag.

The fight is so intense that it isn’t actually resolved until the end of the next episode when the whole family heads off on holiday to Colorado.

Top 'punch' lines…

Kourtney: “Kim, you’re so gross – all you care about is money.”

Kim: “You are so jealous that you can not get a Bentley and you’re trying to ruin my moment for me, so get away you jealous, psycho b****.”

Kim: “I never want to look at their ugly faces again.” 

2. Kim and Kourtney’s ‘work ethic’ fisticuffs

When the trailer for the latest season was released it had everyone (Kardashian fan or not) gasping with shock as the girls get into a full scale fist fight.

Season 18 sees Kim and Kourtney slap, punch and kick each other over a disagreement about whether Kourtney really pulls her weight on the show.

Their fighting skills may be questionable but the argument looks pretty real, and rumours are that this might have actually been the final straw for Kourtney who has been threatening to leave the show for a couple of years.

Despite some suggestive tweets, Kourtney is yet to confirm if she’s definitely leaving, but the rest of the season (likely to air in September) might have the answer, as well as a few more disagreements.

Top 'punch' lines…

Kourtney: “I will literally f*** you up if you mention it again."

Kim: “I swear to God, I’ll punch you in the face.” 

3. Kim’s Christmas card clash

Season 15 starts with an explosive argument about shooting the family Christmas card…and it’s another long disagreement that eeks out over numerous episodes.

Every member of the Kardashian clan has a mammoth schedule to navigate but when Kim thinks Kourtney could be way more flexible and a lot less difficult, a bitter war of words ensues between the two.

This might be the most furious we’ve ever seen Kim and she does not mince her words.

Top 'punch' lines…

Kim: “If you had a business that you were passionate about, then you would know how to run a business, but you don’t”

Kim: “She’s the least interesting to look at, so she can be out.”

4. Kim and Khloe’s Thailand tiff

Towards the end of Season 9, the Kardashians head off to Thailand for their hols, although Kourtney, Scott and Rob sit this trip out, the family are joined by the Jenner bunch including brothers Brody and Brandon.

Khloe who is struggling with her feelings for Lamar is hoping to spend some quality time with Kim, who actually spends the majority of the three-episode long break taking selfies for a selfie book she’s making for Kanye.

Khloe decides to leave Thailand early and an argument arises over dinner. Khloe calls Kim out over the selfie obsession and sparks fly!

Top 'punch' lines…

Khloe mocking Kim: “I’m just a miserable person who takes selfies all days.”

Kim: “You want to get home to your 50 rappers that you’re dating.” 

5. Khloe’s closing down Dash meltdown

The three sisters are split over whether they should close their once super lucrative fashion stores.

Kim and Khloe have grown out of the brand and are happy to sell it to a department store but Kourtney is adamant that they keep it.

A frustrated Khloe resorts to screaming at Kourtney for being ‘an idiot’ about the situation.

The girls later compromise by closing down the New York store and keeping the inaugural Miami shop open.

Top 'punch' lines…

Khloe on Kourtney revamping the store: How long’s this going to take? Four years?

Kim adds: “Yeah you move like a f****** slug.”

6. Kourtney VS Khloe: the biggest moaner

Another season and another family trip means another Kardashian sister fight.

This time after a long flight over to Bali, tempers flare when Khloe and Kourtney call each other out for complaining about the smallest things.

What starts as a simple conversation about relaxing, leads to Kourtney suggesting they all need to so some soul searching and escalates when she tells Khloe that she complains a lot.

The scene ends with Khloe telling Kourtney some home truths before walking out.

Happy holidays!

Top 'punch' lines

Kourtney out of nowhere: “Khloe, I was just thinking that you complain a lot.”

Khloe about Kourtey: “The b**** complains for hours.”

7. Kris Jenner’s rant in defence of buying Rob a house 

This time it’s the sisters that are getting a telling off from ‘momager’ Kris Jenner.

When Kim confronts her mother about buying their brother Rob a house, the other sisters join in to tell Kris that she shouldn’t have done it.

But Kris is not putting up with them ganging up on her and comes back with a few home truths to put the girls firmly back in their place. 

Top 'punch' lines

Kris: “You all have to have someone to criticise and blame."

Kris to Kim: “I’m married for 72 days – really that was normal.”

8. Kim and Kourtney’s text message tantrum

Even though they’re off to an event to honour their late father Robert Kardashian, the sisters still find the time to argue.

Kourtney and Kim have had a spat over phone call and text message and while Kourtney relays the conversation to her fried Sarah and then Khloe, Kim confides in mum Kris.

The argument appears to be about style differences but ends up with them ridiculing each other for their lack of humanitarian action.

The girls might not be in the same room for this argument but the language is fierce and the anger is just as raw as any of their other fights.

Top 'punch' lines

Kourtney: “You’re such a petty woman.”

Kim: “You’re a f****** fake Humanitarian Hoe.”

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