The 4 Best Silicone Whisks

The 4 Best Silicone Whisks


For achieving smooth, velvety sauces while preserving nonstick and glazed enamel cookware, you need one of the best silicone whisks. While there are many whisk types, a balloon whisk is the most versatile, and a flat whisk runs a close second. French whisks (also known as sauce whisks) are another popular option and feature a denser configuration of wires, but they’re not widely available in silicone.

Whisk Types

A balloon whisk is considered the classic that does it all, and you probably have a beat-up metal version in your drawer right now. It fits into just about any bowl or pot and has the most whisking efficiency due to its sturdier structure. Use it for eggs, batters, and just about everything else; a space-saving flat whisk is more effective for scraping fond from the bottom of a skillet for more flavorful roux and pan sauces. And it makes a great pinch-hitter for lifting items like poached eggs out of boiling water.


You’ll want a handle, with a comfortable grip, that’s long enough to keep your fingers a safe distance away from the stove and won’t sink into the bowl when you turn your back — a total length of around 10 to 12 inches is ideal.

Loop Design

The whisk loops themselves need to be firm yet flexible so they can push through batters. Silicone whisks will naturally not be as firm as a metal option; you can get the next best thing by choosing a metal whisk coated in silicone. The number of loops and how they’re spaced will impact how efficiently your whisk functions, too. The best balloon whisks have at least eight loops and a good flat whisk will feature half as many — both with ample space between them in staggered heights at the tip, for increasing the amount of air that’s whipped in, which ultimately results in a better blend with less effort.

From kitchen classics to ideal sets for stocking up — these are the best silicone whisks for every level of skill.

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1. The Best Silicone Whisk, All Things Considered

The OXO Good Grips balloon whisk is an Amazon favorite that’s also the top choice at Cook’s Illustrated and Wirecutter. It has eight sturdy loops with plenty of space at the tip and a good balance of flexibility and strength. The bulbous handle makes for a comfortable grip with a soft-finish nonslip texture that gives plenty of traction even with wet hands. The silicone wires are heat-safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can go straight into the dishwasher when you’re done. "I’ve been using this whisk for a few months now and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it," one shopper reported. "The silicone casing has not come off the whisk; as has happened with previous whisks I’ve had…sturdy and easy to grip and hold on to. It’s a good size for just about anything."

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 9 inches, 11 inches (featured)

2. A Flat Silicone Whisk For Perfect Pan Gravies (& So Much More)

This silicone flat whisk has a solid steel core for plenty of strength and longevity, and thanks to the four silicone-dipped loops, you won’t scratch your pans. The handle comes in 18/10 stainless steel, the highest quality used in kitchens, for durable rust-proof shine. This whisk is temperature safe up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe, with a hanging loop for storage once it’s dry. "How did I go so long without a flat whisk?!" one reviewer raved. "Absolutely the easiest whisk to work with! Gravy came together so fast, and clean up is a breeze! Very sturdy, and a good size to work with."

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 8 inches (featured), 10 inches

3. A Budget-Friendly Set Of Silicone Whisks

Hardcore bakers and aspiring Iron Chefs will appreciate having a set of silicone balloon whisks for multi-step labors of love, when the last thing you want to do is stop to wash your tools before moving onto the next step. Three different sizes — all dishwasher safe and built to withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit — will accommodate every type of kitchen project. Plus, the anti-rust metal handles come with a hook at the end so you can hang them up when you’re done (or toss into a drawer, of course.) The whisks feature a sturdy wire construction coated in silicone. While the exact number of loops isn’t specified, there’s a fairly dense configuration for efficient whipping.

"I held off on reviewing these until I had used them for a few months," a reviewer reported. "They have held up well on the silicone with no cracking and peeling. I stir boiling hot sauces and gravies and then toss them into the dishwasher. Also very sturdy wires for stirring really make a difference." Note: two stainless options are offered alongside silicone in the listing, so double-check before you add to cart.

  • Available colors: 15
  • Available sizes: 3 included in set (8, 10, and 12 inches)

4. This Two-In-One Spatula Whisk For Stirring And Scraping

Whip up your batter then scrape down the sides of the bowl without dirtying two separate tools with this ingenious silicone spatula whisk that combines the aeration of a whisk with a spatula’s sturdy head that’s temperature-ready up to 600 degrees. The handle is made from 18/10 stainless steel, with plenty of push for thicker foods like sausage gravy or mashed potatoes, and, thanks to some extra-wide, silicone-coated nylon fins you’ll find it easier to clean out as well. If you don’t care to hand-wash, however, it’s dishwasher safe. "Tovolo knocked it out of the park with this one! Absolutely best whisk ever," a fan praised. "Super sturdy, the rubber really does scrape effectively (unlike other silicone whisks), and the drain hole so things don’t get stuck in the middle is genius."

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 13.25 inches

Also Nice: A Set Of Silicone Cooking Utensils To Stock Your Kitchen

If you’re still building your collection, this comprehensive set of silicone cooking utensils is one of few that comes with a silicone whisk, in addition to a fleet of spatulas, ladles, spoons, a basting brush, measuring cups and spoons, plus a nonslip canister to house it all on your countertop. Each piece has a hanging loop if you prefer. Everything is dishwasher safe and withstands temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. "I’m over the moon. It has everything I need to replace all my old cooking utensils, and then some. They are gorgeous enough to display on my counter," a shopper gushed. "I’ve been using this set for a few weeks now, and still as impressed as when they arrived. I cook a lot of curries and stews, and they do not stain or retain any weird smells."

  • Available colors: 6

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