Stars in Stripes! The Most Patriotic Celebrity Outfits in Honor of July Fourth

Stars in Stripes! The Most Patriotic Celebrity Outfits in Honor of July Fourth


These stars know how to fête the Grand ‘Ol Flag in style

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The pop star looked 4th of July-ready as she stepped out of the crystal clear blue ocean waters in a fiery red Krahs Swim one piece. 

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Just because Irina’s originally from Russia doesn’t mean that she can’t show some good ol’ fashioned American patriotism on the red carpet. 

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Katy got made sure to the holiday spirit in a bedazlled American flag swimsuit and shorts. 

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A Vegas July 4th bash calls for a stars and stripes string bikini. 

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The actress dressed in an American flag-printed midi to celebrate her independence at a movie premiere. 

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She’s an all American girl! The country crooner rocked out on stage in a printed flag tank and super sparkly shorts. 

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In addition to her über-patriotic bald eagle-and-American flag tee, Heidi looks ready to partake in another time-honored July 4th tradition: unfortunate tan lines.

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The actress took a page out of Michelle William’s style handbook from Dick, donning a pair of all-American bell bottoms with her plunging white one-piece.

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Washboard abs are as American as apple pie, especially when they happen to belong to an Olympic athlete.

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Messing is not messing around when it comes to her patriotism, wearing a matching stars and stripes dress with a friend, adding a couple of pom-poms in her mini buns for an extra dose of Americana spirit.

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Instead of the usual red, white, and blue Insta snaps, the actress opted for a black and white shot of her star-covered swimsuit.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be July 4 without a hot dog and the inevitable stain that ketchup and mustard will leave on your all-white ensemble.

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And if your patriotic photo shoot doesn’t include your own personal wind machine, you’re definitely not doing it right.

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The parents-to-be celebrated the holiday with a fun run and some festive headgear.

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The ANTM judge had to show her pupils how it’s done, posing for her own mini Uncle Sam photo shoot on Instagram.

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The Girls star gave a high fashion take on thematic dressing, layering the sheer star studded “Billy Gold” dress by Never Fully Dressed over her salmon bodysuit.

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A late night plunge in the pool is always a refreshing choice, even if, like Busy, you had to dive in to save your kid from an infinity pool mishap. 

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Forget those basic swan floats every celeb was drfiting around in last year, this year’s it all about the American eagle intertube.

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A Fourth of July photo shoot with a flag on the end of a dock is always the right choice to express your pro-U.S.A. spirit.

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The Biebz chose a sublte way to show his pride, opting for a simple red, white, and blue striped pullover.

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Reese Witherspoon

The Draper James designer loves this holiday so much she created a firework dress especially for the occassion, accessorizing with a red, white, and blue popsicle.

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Selena Gomez

Selena’s not the only star obsessed with this star-spangled sweater, the Wildfox top has also been spotted on her BFF Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, and Ellie Goulding.

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Kim Kardashian West

While Kim may now have a super minimalist, low-key aesthetic, once upon a time she was a woman who loved nothing more than a good theme, decking herself out in all-America everything including a trucker hat and fanny pack she has definitely since purged from her closet.

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Leave it to Bey to show us an all new way to flaunt our love for our fellow country(wo)men, giving her take on this classic Rosie the Riveter look.

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Halle Berry

The best part about this Catherine Malandrino Americana dress (which happens to be an epic fashion faceoff)? Halle decided to wear it to her film premiere in France in September 2001.

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Nicki Minaj

As the self-professed “baddest b**** in America” we would expect nothing less than a perfectly crafted outfit for whether you’re watching fireworks and eating popsicles or squatting alongside a vintage car and serving up a withering gaze.

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Nicole Richie

Photographic proof that Nicole Richie was, is, and will forever be a style icon for the ages.

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Paris Hilton

In the words of Paris herself, there’s only one way to describe this America-themed look: “That’s hot.”

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Gigi Hadid

This ensemble may have been for a Tommy Hilfiger photo shoot, but it’s easy to see why Gigi has been typecast as the all-American girl next door.

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Ramona Singer

Nothing says July 4 quite like cooking up some barbecue in a bikini and a cowboy hat.

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Andy Cohen

Or eating a Grand Ol’ Flag cake while wearing no shirt at all.

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Kendall Jenner

While it may have been the dead of winter when Kendall wore this outfit, it’s still the perfect patriotic look to celebrate America’s independence.

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Angela Kinsey

But who needs red, white, and blue pumps or two-pieces when you can accessorize your look with a simple and delicious themed fruit kebab instead.

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Gigi, Cara, and Taylor

It’s a pretty undisputed fact that Taylor Swift is the reigning queen of this summer holiday, throwing her annual United States of Taymerica party, which involves a whole lot of fireworks, Instagram selfies, and coordinated red, white, and blue Solid & Striped swimsuits with her squad of besties.

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Miley Cyrus

But though Tay’s festivities may steal all her thunder, Miley has also long been one of the foremost fans of July 4 throwing an annual party as well, although the “Party in the USA” singer tends to include way more sequins, kitsch, and shall we say, “party favors.”

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Lady Gaga

The pop star showed off her founding father’s spirit in a stars and stripes one-piece.

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Lady Gaga 2

And her star-spangled Gucci platform heels seem like a mandatory accessory for anyone who wants to sing the national anthem.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a serious passion for the land of the free, as she demonstrated by dressing up like Uncle Sam to drop off her ballot.

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Katy Perry 2

Or that time she wore a custom cape emblazoned with “I’m with Madam President” in Swarovski crystals to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

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Katy Perry 3

But it turns out her passion for the US of A far predates her love affair with HRC, as this twinning moment with her then boyfriend John Mayer makes crystal clear.

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