Stacey Solomon’s simple coat hanger tip for making the bed is a gamechanger & your room will look like a hotel suite

Stacey Solomon’s simple coat hanger tip for making the bed is a gamechanger & your room will look like a hotel suite


MAKING the bed – especially a double or a king – is a mammoth task and is usually a two person job, and even then it’s not always perfect. 

But Stacey Solomon shows us how there’s a secret weapon to getting our duvets smooth and straight – and we've already got it in our bedroom. 

The Loose Women star has revealed she uses a coat hanger to get her bedspread pristine, and it will change the way you make your bed. 

Mum-of-three Stacey explained on Fearne Cotton’s podcast Happy Place: “I get a hard, wooden coat hanger and I lay the duvet across [the bed], and then use the hanger to shove it right down the sides of the mattress.

“And it pulls it so tight that it looks like it’s been ironed and my nails are safe.”

Fearne, who hadn’t heard of the hack before, raved: “To me, that is a hotel standard bed. That’s changed my life!”

The hanger's thin design allows it to easily slide between the mattress and the frame, without trapping your fingers.

The result is a hotel-style finish, with all sheets and edges neatly tucked in – and you don’t need a second pair of hands. 

Stacey then finishes the bed by decoratively laying her chunky throws and blankets on top, before arranging her pillows and spraying it with a pillow mist.

Stacey, who is the author of Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World, said the hack works even after you’ve had your nails done.

She joked: “This came about because I love getting my nails done. Sometimes I like them super long, and I don’t want to ruin them.

“There are so many household chores that just ruin your nails. Tucking the bedding in was my nail nemesis.

“I can’t bear to iron and certainly don’t want to be ironing bedding. It doesn’t even fit on the ironing board, you know what I mean?

“So by the time you’ve ironed one bit and you’ve folded it over, it’s creased again.”

Thankfully you can put away your iron and simply squash the edges of the duvet down the side of the bed to get that crisp look.

We will certainly be giving this a go!

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