Shopper stunned to find ‘cute’ Christmas reindeer ornament from B&M is VERY well-endowed

Shopper stunned to find ‘cute’ Christmas reindeer ornament from B&M is VERY well-endowed


A SHOPPER was stunned while doing their Christmas shopping after picking up a ‘cute’ reindeer ornament, only to find it was VERY well-endowed.  

They were browsing through B&M’s festive aisles when they eyed up a white deer with woodland creatures on its back and antlers. 

The Christmassy ornament didn’t have a price tag, so they turned it over hoping to find a barcode on its belly. 

Instead, they spotted something else. 

The deer was anatomically correct – and confirmed very clearly the deer was a male. 

The shocked shopper shared their find to Facebook group B&M Stores Bargains and More, along with a catalogue shot of the ornament, which revealed it costs £10. 

They wrote: “So I was just in b&m & saw this stag. Thought it was pretty cute.

“I go to find the barcode as it wasn’t round its neck where it usually is so thought it may be a stuck on 1 sumwhere…[sic]

“I turn it over & see that.” 

Hundreds of people commented on the post, with some shocked while others found it hilarious. 

One person wrote: “Oh that’s brilliant.They will sell out now I bet!!”

Another person said: “Well at least we know it's definitely a stag.”

A third commented: “Not something I would normally buy, but now I’m compelled to.”

This person simply thought: “Attention to detail lol…”

While someone else added: “It’s always the finer details that sell a product.” 

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