Rich House, Poor House millionaire calls single mum’s flat ‘hell on earth’ and fumes about drinking tap water – The Sun

Rich House, Poor House millionaire calls single mum’s flat ‘hell on earth’ and fumes about drinking tap water – The Sun


A MILLIONAIRE from Chelsea swaps her £7 million townhouse and £1,500 weekly disposable income with a single mum's cramped two-bed flat on Rich House, Poor House.

Lawyer turned businesswoman Geeta Sidhu Robb, and her best friend Harriet Waley-Cohen, swap lives with Andrea from Stockwell, who lives with her three daughters.

Harriet said: “We like to be in beautiful places, eating beautiful food, with beautiful ideas."

Geeta, a single mum-of-three, leaves behind her rented four-storey mansion in west London and heads south, commenting how “edgy” it looks as she leaves the “safety” of Chelsea.

She said: “I don’t think I’m rich yet, I just have a very high level of what I want to earn.”

“For me it’s such a challenge to walk away from my life.”

After arriving at Andrea’s block, she expresses her horror saying: “I don't want to be at the top of that tower thing, it's my idea of hell on earth.”

Andrea, a former care assistant, lives in a cramped two-bed flat with her three kids, Shanice, Jaida and Amya, with two girls sharing one room and her eldest daughter living on the sofa.

She now lives on benefits but wants to get back into work and make a better life for her and her kids.

Andrea said: "That word dependant this not a nice thing.

“I would like to do so much more for them.

“I want a plan to go and work and do something constructive.”

After bills are paid, she has £150 disposable income a week, which she budgets carefully to make sure she can enjoy the Caribbean food her family loves.

As they take a look around Geeta’s plush pad, Andrea sums it up by saying “wow”, and Shanice not only gets her own room but has an en suite.

As the family settle into the spacious pad, they are shocked at how much spare cash they have to spend, revealing it's more than they have in a month.

Meanwhile in Stockwell, Geeta and Harriet count out their weekly budget of £150, with Geeta admitting she thinks it's going to be hard to “survive”.

She said: “I really think the next few days are going to be hard.

“This is what I spend in one shop in a week.”

As the women try and plan meals and luxuries, Geeta turns her nose up at the idea of drinking tap water.

She announces: “I don’t want to drink tap water.”

Although Geeta, who runs Nosh Detox, which offers luxury health treatments, juices and drops for around £400, will accept cooking with it.

And neither of them seem able to work a can opener, as they spend hours trying to rustle up a meal.

Harriet said: “It just takes time and energy and it means you're too tired to do other things like for example, thinking about changing your circumstances.”

Viewers slammed the pair on social media for their lack of life skills, commenting on how out of touch they are.

One person said: “When you're so rich you don't even know how to use a tin opener.”

Someone else tweeted: “Christ, those two Chelsea women are really awful aren't they.”

A third said: “Geeta is so ignorant to the outside world, she’s clearly lived in a bubble her whole life.”

As the swap comes to an end, Andrea treated her girls to a day out in Brighton.

And she uses it the extra cash to try and invest in their future, buying a computer so she can study to become a teacher.

And she invests in acting lessons for Shanice, who dreams of being on stage.

Andrea said: “This is money well-spent. This is my future, here, so good on us.”

She was inspired by Geeta’s hard work, after she built her business up from the ground after being left homeless 15 years ago, saying she was “motivated” to turn her life around.

The three women all met up at the end of the swap, and discussed how their week went.

Geeta and Harriet even used some money left over from their budget to get boxing lessons for Shanice.

Andrea said: "It just goes to show you with a bit of hard work and determination even though being a single mum you can do it, and that’s what I’m going to take on board.”

Geeta said: "It made me more playful and made me appreciate a new part of London."

Harriet later defended the pair on social media, saying: “What didn’t make the cut tonight was that both Geeta and I have turned our lives around from massive lows.

“We have both experienced poverty, hardship, fear and having to dig deep to turn things around. We’ve worked v hard to get where we are now.”

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