Ramadan 2021: What time is Sehri today and when does it end? – The Sun

Ramadan 2021: What time is Sehri today and when does it end? – The Sun


RAMADAN 2021 is underway with Muslims observing a month-long period of religious devotion. 

During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from all eating after dawn and before dusk. Therefore it is important to have a morning meal to be able to sustain the fast – known as Sehri.

What time is Sehri?

Sehri (also known as Suhoor) is an Islamic term, which literally means "of the dawn".

Sehri is known as the meal of the dawn, which means it is the meal which Muslims consume in the morning in order to fast for the day.

This meal is consumed prior to the morning prayer, known as Fajr.

The exact time that Sehri takes place will differ per region due to the time of sunrise.

  • London Sehri is at 4.35am
  • Birmingham Sehri is at 4.38am
  • Leeds Sehri is at 4.35am
  • Manchester Sehri is at 4.38am

When does it end?

Sehri ends at when the first light appears at -18 degrees.

This means that you must stop eating before the break of dawn enters.

Each person is expected to estimate the time they take to eat the Sehri in the morning.

Sufficient time should be given to eat as after Sehri the morning prayers, known as Fajr, will commence.

What is best to eat?

As Sehri is the morning meal which needs to provide energy for the rest of the day until dusk, it is recommended that high protein foods such as eggs, grains, dairy and meat should be eaten.

Fruit and vegetables are also commonly consumed during Sehri.

It is important that those fasting do not skip Sehri as it is vital in helping one to sustain energy levels throughout the day.

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