Queen Rania walked down the aisle in a white and gold dress – pictures

Queen Rania walked down the aisle in a white and gold dress – pictures


In the Middle East, Queen Rania, 52, is a great fashion idol. Although absolutely stunning, her royal wedding dress is not the one that receives the most attention. What style was Queen Rania’s wedding dress?

On June 10, 1993, Prince Abdullah wed Rania Al-Yassin, which became a national holiday.

Royals from around the world flew in to attend the couple’s wedding at Zahran Palace.

Rania wore a specially created Bruce Oldfield wedding dress, a designer loved by the late Princess Diana, with short sleeves and gold floral adornments to the ceremony.

The outfit was distinctive because it had a jacket that covered the top of the gown and a big belt to keep it in place.

According to reports, Mr Oldfield was inspired to create the royal wedding dress by formal Syrian costumes on exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The dress’s train was long and the skirt had several folds. Together with her attire, the future Queen Consort donned white gloves.

Instead of a tiara, she wore a headband with her hair in a big bun updo.

The headpiece complemented her white and gold gown and had a large veil attached to it.

She also wore diamond-encrusted pearl drop earrings with a larger pearl dangling down and smaller pearls on the ear lobe.

Rania changed into a different outfit for the reception and changed the updo on her hair.

The second dress, which was also created by Mr Oldfield, had a V-neck and no sleeves.

Its style and embroidery complemented the dress she had worn for the wedding ceremony earlier in the day.

On February 7, 1999, Abdullah was crowned King of Jordan, and on March 22, Rania was made Queen.

Rania did not wear a tiara during her wedding. But why was this?

It’s possible that Abdullah’s lack of Crown Crince status at the time of his marriage was the cause.

Prince Hassan bin Talal, who was his uncle, held this position at the time.

Abdullah wasn’t made the Crown Prince until just before his father, King Hussein, sadly died in 1999.

In 1999, Abdullah was crowned the King of Jordan in a vast and spectacular ceremony.

Rania may have decided against a tiara because she was too low down the pecking order at the time.

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