Queen Elizabeth II: Kate Middleton, Sophie & Anne will change style

Queen Elizabeth II: Kate Middleton, Sophie & Anne will change style


Queen Elizabeth II: BBC Radio announces death of monarch

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The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has left the nation and the Royal Family in mourning. Royals including Princess Anne, Kate Middleton and Sophie, Countess of Wessex are expected to show this through their outfit and jewellery choices.

Having served as the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II will be given a state funeral.

The dress code for this is similar to most funerals and many Royal Family members will wear black.

The funeral will be attended by senior members of the family including the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne, as well as her daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle are also likely to be in attendance.

How will the royals change their style?


The nation will now enter into an official mourning period of 12 days.

During this, flags are to be flown at half-mast and members of the Royal Family are likely to cancel engagements scheduled in the coming days.

During this mourning period, what the royals wear is sure to change.

Wearing black is something Royal Family members will also do to pay their respects.

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The royal women will probably pay their respects wearing black and conservative frocks to the funeral and during any other outings.

It is likely they will wear simple attire with a hat and modest heeled shoes.

Jewellery choices

Royal women such as Kate, Sophie and Camilla could also make a nod to the Queen by wearing pieces of jewellery with a link to the monarch when they are next seen out.

These could be pieces which belonged to the Queen or had been gifted by her.

This is something many royal women did at the funeral of Prince Philip as they paid their respects.

At the funeral, which took place in April 2021, Kate Middleton wore a four-strand pearl and diamond choker which had been given to the Queen on her wedding day.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wore a brooch which related to her position as the Colonel-in-Chief of the Rifles.

This role was transferred to her in 2020 after previously being held by Prince Philip since 1977.

As well as choosing jewellery with a sentimental link to the Queen, royals could convey their mourning with another simple jewellery choice.

Kate, Princess Anne and Sophie could wear more white pearls as this is the jewellery royals will officially wear during their mourning period.

The sombre symbolism of pearls is reportedly a tradition dating back to Queen Victoria.

The royal was said to only wear black or colourless jewellery, such as pearls, for the rest of her life following the death of Prince Albert.

This tradition is still observed in the British Royal Family when someone dies.

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