Professional organiser reveals how to fold towels in a posh hotel style & it’ll make your bathroom look a ‘bit fancier’

Professional organiser reveals how to fold towels in a posh hotel style & it’ll make your bathroom look a ‘bit fancier’


IF you’re guilty of chucking your towels in a cupboard or drawer when they’re clean, there’s a simple folding trick you can use to make them look appealing. 

A professional organiser has shared the quick way she folds her towels into a posh hotel style on TikTok, giving her bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. 

The woman, posting under Effective Spaces, revealed you need a trio to complete the set, meaning you’ll never be hunting around for a matching face or hair towel again. 

Start by getting your biggest towel – for your body – and lay it lengthways, folding each side over so you have a triple layer.

Take each side and bring them together so they meet in the middle, then tuck one end into the opposite open side. 

You should have a neat little package which has an open ‘pocket’ on the front.

Put that towel aside and grab your medium sized towel, aka the one you use on your hair, and follow the same steps. 

Create a triple fold lengthways, before tucking one end into the open flap at the other side.

This should leave you with a smaller version of the bigger towel, and you then do exactly the same with your tiniest towel, aka the one you use for your face.

Once you’ve got three squares, tuck the medium and small towels into the pocket of the large one, leaving a bit sticking out at the top so you can see the colours. 

The organiser went for a green and white theme, but you can use any shades you like to match your bathroom. 

The simple package is easy to store, ready to grab when you need a fresh set, plus it’s sure to impress guests when lockdown restrictions ease. 

Thousands of people have watched the tutorial, cleaning they’re going to ‘steal’ the idea for their own homes. 

One person raved: “Thank you for the tip!”

Another thought: “This is amazing!”

While a third commented: “Such a neat idea, very cute, I’m going to steal this lol.”

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