Princess Anne wears ‘cool’ accessory from royal gift shop

Princess Anne wears ‘cool’ accessory from royal gift shop


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Over the past seven decades, Princess Anne has been called an “unexpected style icon”, always ahead of the most fashionable trends, and in recent years, re-wearing clothes that are decades old. When representing the British Royal Family in Athens earlier this week for the funeral of Greece’s last King, Constantine II, who died aged 82, the Princess Royal got out her Balmoral Castle gift shop bag – an accessory she has worn for many occasions of mourning.

Style expert Bethan Holt previously suggested Princess Anne doesn’t “give two hoots about what she wears” and instead, prefers “practicality over studied glamour”.

The expert told the Daily Telegraph how the Princess “approaches her wardrobe with the same attitude that she does her public role; unshowy but determined to do everything just right”.

And the bag is a prime example of how Princess Anne knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to wear it, regardless if it’s in line with the latest fashion trends.

The bag Princess Anne wore is the Balmoral Blue Jura Handbag, priced at £80.95 and available directly from Balmoral Castle’s gift shop or website.

The official product description for the handbag reads: “This Jura design handbag is made by The Leather Guild with our special Balmoral Blue tweed and luxurious leather.”

Balmoral Blue tweed is the “first Royal Tweed to be made available for the public to purchase” and is “sold exclusively at the royal estate”.

The design of Balmoral Blue is “unique” and the “pattern captures the essence of the River Dee in its blue tones and the local granite in its greys”, the makers, Johnstons of Elgin explained.

The bag can be worn on the shoulder or as a cross-body bag and “is ideal for the woman on the go”.

It also “comes with a wide adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and style. With a range of zipped pockets inside and out for easy access to your bits and pieces”.

Princess Anne doesn’t like to wear the bag traditionally, preferring to carry it in her hand, or underneath her arm.

Royal fashion fans loved the sentiment behind Princess Anne’s accessory and took to the comments section on Instagram. Sharonarmstrong1730 said: “It’s adorable that HRH has a Balmoral gift shop bag.”

“LOVE that she wears the purse from the gift shop!” Hillgoodharv added and Lilot487 added: “That is so cool how she’s wearing a bag from the gift shop at Balmoral.”

Before yesterday, Princess Anne was spotted with her Balmoral Bag for the official period of mourning following Queen Elizabeth II’s death last September, when she and other members of the Royal Family carried out public engagements. It was her go-to accessory when visiting Balmoral, Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Balmoral Blue Jura Handbag isn’t the only bag the Balmoral Gift shop sells, in fact, there are six other styles available, all with the iconic Balmoral Blue tartan. Prices start from £54.95.

Another accessory Princess Anne wears but isn’t fashionable is sunglasses – more specifically sporty styles.

The 72-year-old is known to wear shades to public engagements, charity visits and even royal weddings, and her trusty Adidas shades arguably being her most worn pair.

The ‘Team GB’ sunglasses are from the 2012 London Olympics collection and have white Matrix-inspired frames and red polarised lenses, often worn by UV-conscious athletes than an event-hopping royal.

But Princess Anne is the Patron of Team GB, hence why she might have the sunglasses in her possession.

Another brand of sunglasses Princess Anne has worn over the years is Oakley.

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