Poundland’s new homeware range is full of designer dupes and they’re up to £120 less than the designer versions – The Sun

Poundland’s new homeware range is full of designer dupes and they’re up to £120 less than the designer versions – The Sun


Are you in need of sprucing up your living space but worried about breaking the bank? Fear not! Poundland is providing the goods, and for prices you'll be gushing over. 

It's no wonder Poundland is one of our go-to favourites if we want to save a buck. And with the store's new homeware collection, you can get a range of designer dupes for up to £120 less than the designer versions.

  • Ceramic Apple, £1 from Poundland – buy now
  • Pink Glazed Ceramic Apple Sculpture, £125 from Hicks and Hicks – buy now

Already taking Instagram by storm are these super cute ceramic apples – a clear favourite among bargain hunters nationwide.

And while one piece from Hicks and Hicks will set you back a whopping £125, you can get the same apple from Poundland for a much more appealing £1 – I know, we can't believe it either.

Why do you need a set of ceramic apples, I hear you ask? Well, they make for the perfect decoration on your coffee table or bedside table, and let's face it, if it's trending on Instagram, you need it in your life, right?

  • Ceramic vase, £1 from Poundland – buy now
  • Turquoise textured earthenware vase, £15 from Habitat – buy now 

But if apples aren't your thing, you can pick up a ceramic vase instead. Because who doesn't like flowers?

Poundland's turquoise ceramic vase will only cost you small £1,  with the designer alternative costing you £15.

The difference? Well, the Poundland version is a more simplistic jar-like design with the designer version being slightly more intricate. But a small price to pay for a fraction of the price, don't you think?

  • Palm cushion, £1 from Poundland – buy now 
  • Palm leaf velvet cushion, £30 from Cult Furniture – buy now

  • Zebra cushion, £1 from Poundland – buy now 
  • Zebra Print Cowhide Cushion, £55 from Cult Furniture – buy now

But, let's talk cushions. Because we're nothing short of obsessed with the bargain that is £1 cushions!

Add a bit of colour to your life, and your sofa, with a fun palm-print cushion which features calming hues of white and green.

The small price tag will make you smile, in contrast to the eye-watering £30 for the Cult Furniture equivalent.

But if you'd prefer zebra safari over tropical palm trees, Poundland has you covered also.

  • Starburst mirror, £1 from Poundland – buy now 
  • Nogu Vintage Sunburst Rattan Mirror, £42 from La Redoute – buy now

Forget the Amara version for £55 and choose the more purse-friendly Poundland version for £1. Yep, hard to believe, right?

Another hard to ignore bargain is the starburst mirror – an intricate round mirror that will make for the perfect wall feature.

And let's face it, who doesn't love a good feature mirror. But not with the insane £42 pricetag from La Redoute. Instead, Poundland is offering the same mirror for a cool £1.

  • Luxury scented candle, £1 from Poundland – buy now 
  • Lime, basil and mandarin candle, £48 from Jo Malone – buy now

If you're not convinced yet, how about a mood-setting basil and lime scented candle.

The Jo Malone alternative will cost you a heart-palpitating  £48, but why spend that when you can experience the fresh scent for less? It's a no brainer!

And with such a small price tag attached, you can buy one for every room in the house for ultimate relaxation.

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