People’s jaws drop when I tell them my real age – they think I’m 30 but I’ve already been sent my OAP parking permit | The Sun

People’s jaws drop when I tell them my real age – they think I’m 30 but I’ve already been sent my OAP parking permit | The Sun


A MAN has left people baffled after receiving his OAP parking permit, despite looking nowhere near the age of 60. 

Nil Marino, who lives in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina state in Brazil, took to his social media account to share the moment the special permit arrived. 

Dressed in nothing but a pair of black shorts, viewers could see his chiselled abs and tattooed chest as he held the piece of paper in one hand. 

Pointing towards it, he smiled and shrugged before writing: “And you are using a vacancy for the elderly? 

“Logic! 60 years.” 

And in the caption, he let slip in a hashtag that he does callisthenics – a body-based weight lifting exercise.

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The video has already raked up over eight million views with tons of people flocking to the comments to share their thoughts. 

“Mercy and he is 60 looking 20 and I am 32 looking 86, this world is really lost,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I can't believe this guy is 60 years old! Is it a prank!? He has a 30-year-old face and a 20-year-old body! There's even full hair…. Lol”.

While a third added: “60 is the new 30!!! Congratulations, caba! Health! Take care always and God bless”. 

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Nil revealed his 60th birthday was on August 12, when he posted a message saying: “Sixty! And the good thing about life is accepting all phases, cycles, joys and sorrows.

"I want to enjoy my old age, learning to lead a light and unpretentious life, but with big dreams.

"And dreams come true based on the size of our faith."

Despite his salt and pepper hair, he doesn’t appear to have a single wrinkle and people have been left in awe of him. 

Speaking about his exercise Nil revealed the detailed fitness regime that keeps him in shape.

He revealed: "I only do situps at home, five times a week. Five repetitions of 100. In the afternoon I do strength training also five times a week.

"And I walk, or cycle, every day."

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