People think they've been calculating their age all wrong – and it’s causing many to suffer a ‘personal crisis’ | The Sun

People think they've been calculating their age all wrong – and it’s causing many to suffer a ‘personal crisis’ | The Sun


THEY say age is just a number, but a viral video has left many suffering a 'personal crisis' over calculating theirs incorrectly.

TikTok user Keeley Smith, 20, has blown viewers' minds with her simple birthday revelation.

The unusual observation has left many feeling a little less youthful than they used to.

In the short, five-second clip, Keeley looked visibly confused as an audio clip from TV show Chucky played, with one character saying "shut up it is not" while another replies "yes it is".

Text across the screen read: "Me realising that whatever age you turn on your birthday is what you have completed not what you're starting."

In a nutshell, Keeley realised that when you turn 20, you have lived for a full 20 years and begin your 21st, rather than turning 20 at the start of your 20th year alive.


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Babies' ages are measured in months up until their first birthday, so your real age is the number of full years plus the number of months into the subsequent year that you have been alive.

Keeley captioned the video by asking: "Anyone else confused?"

And confused they were, as the more than 2,000 comments showed.

One baffled viewer wrote: "My brain just buffered."

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Another chimed in: "Oh my god this is giving me an existential crisis."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "I'm going to scroll past this like I didn't panic about it after I read it."

For some, though, this was less than a shock, with one commenter saying: "Uh…is this not common sense? that's what…ageing is?"

Indeed, one very culturally aware user added: "In India that’s actually how they count years, we say we completed one and started the other so there everyone goes by a year older than here!"

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