People are only just realising the real flavour of Haribo's green gummy bears | The Sun

People are only just realising the real flavour of Haribo's green gummy bears | The Sun


HARIBO lovers have been left shocked after finding out the real flavour of the brand's green coloured gummy bears.

A Reddit post has resurfaced online, revealing the true flavours of each colour.

While most people usually assume that the green sweets are apple or lime flavoured, keen-eyed packet readers have noticed that they are in fact strawberry.

The revelation has shocked social media users, one of whom said they were going to extreme lengths to settle the debate.

She posted: "Calling the police over whether the green Haribo gummy bears are strawberry or apple".

There are five flavours of Haribo Goldbear: orange, strawberry, pineapple, lemon and raspberry.

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Another woman on Twitter posted: "I was positive they were apple flavoured. Man, now I don't know what to think."

Others claim to have known about the true green flavour all along, as it hasbeen on the back of the Haribo packet, and on the website.

One Twitter user posted: "So sorry you can't read a package".

Another was more shocked about a different flavour- colour combination: "Green strawberry is clearly the weirdest, but is everyone fine with white pineapple???" 

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Last year, Cadbury confirmed the flavour of its mystery bars after people spent months guessing.

The chocolate company released the two bars last year as thousands debated what they could taste when they bit into the sweet slab.

They later revealed the bars to be flavoured with rhubarb and custard, and blue raspberry slushie.

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