People are making fluffy scones in their slow cookers using three ingredients

People are making fluffy scones in their slow cookers using three ingredients


PEOPLE are making fluffy scones using just three ingredients – and they couldn't be easier to do. 

A recipe was shared on Facebook for making the scones in a slow cooker – and foodies are desperate to try it. 

A savvy home cook said on the Slow Cooker Recipe and Tips Facebook page that all you need is cream, lemonade and self-raising flour. 

This is a slight deviation from the usual list of ingredients – plain flour, cream and milk. 

The woman raved about her method of adding one cup of lemonade to the flour and cream mix and then baking the treats in a slow cooker.

She explained: “My husband made the slow cooker scones today. They turned out delicious.”

The husband mixed cream, lemonade and self-raising flour together before rollomg out the mixture onto a floured surface and separated it into scone pieces.

To prepare the slow cooker, you need to line it with baking paper, and brush the scones with a small amount of milk. 

Leave the scones to cook for 90 minutes with the tea towel under the lid and then serve. 

Many people were seriously impressed by the scone recipe and said they were keen to try, but others were not convinced a slow cooker is better than an oven. 

One said: “Hmm sorry but it seems pointless when they take literally 15 to 18 minutes to cook in the oven!”

And another said: “I use the same recipe, only takes 10 minutes in the oven.”

However, the post has clearly struck a chord online, racked up hundreds of likes since it was shared. 



1 cup cream

2 cup lemonade

3 cups self raising flour


Mix ingredients together gently until combined

Roll out the mixture on a floured surface and then separate into scone shapes

Place in slow cooker bowl lined with baking paper and brush with milk

Cook on high for 90 minutes with a tea towel under the lid

Remove from slow cooker and serve with jam and cream

Source: Slow Cooker Recipe and Tips Facebook

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